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This Ninja blender is $30 off for Prime Day 2022

If you’re looking for a great Ninja blender Prime Day 2022 deal, we’ve spotted an ideal one for most people. Right now, you can buy the Ninja NJ601AMZ Blender for $30 off at Amazon. Normally priced at $100, this Ninja Professional Blender is down to just $70 as part of the Prime Day deals going on. An ideal time to blend up some delicious smoothies and more for less, let’s take a look at why the Ninja NJ601AMZ Blender is such great value.

Is the Ninja NJ601AMZ Blender really worth buying?

In short, yes. The Ninja NJ601AMZ Blender offers many features of those in our best blenders roundup. Its 72-ounce pitcher is incredible for making large batches, it has a powerful motor base of 1,000 watts, and the dual-blade design destroys anything in its path. We’ve covered the difference between blenders and food processors before, and this Ninja blender is a blender with a food-processor-like capacity.

The Ninja NJ601AMZ Blender is able to crush and pulverize its way through ice, whole fruits, and vegetables in seconds. It’s resoundingly faster than any of our best hand mixers and the Ninja NJ601AMZ Blender comes with a 10-recipe guide so you can gain some instant drink-making inspiration with the device’s controls simple to use and figure out.

Its pitcher is designed with ease in mind; the built-in pour spout allows you to pour faster and with more control than if you were tipping the drink out of a regular container. If you keep finding yourself spending too much on prepared drinks that are likely to contain far too much sugar and other unnecessary ingredients, the Ninja NJ601AMZ Blender will save you a fortune. You can use it to juice together your favorite beverages, whether they are for your pre-workout drink or to relax on a Saturday night after a busy week of work.

It’s even easy to clean between uses, meaning that the Ninja NJ601AMZ Blender is sure to become one of the best kitchen gadgets you own. A firm fixture at home, you’ll love all the sauces and drinks it can make with the bare minimum of effort by you. This is a Ninja blender Prime Day deal you really won’t want to miss out on.

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