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Act Fast! This Highly-Rated Electric Wine Opener is Discounted for Prime Day


So you’ve watched Sideways and Som, even joining a wine-of-the-month club during the past year while diving deep into terroir. Looking for a cheap Prime Day kitchen appliance deal? Well, after quality glassware is in your cabinet, the next thing you need to take your grape game to the next level is all the little things that make wine easier. Enter the Oster 4-in-1 Wine Savoring Experience, which includes a rechargeable wine bottle opener, wine pourer, vacuum wine stoppers, and foil cutter. Right now, you can save 33% through this Amazon Prime Day deal, but only if you hurry.

The magic of drinking fine wine is hard to recapture when you’ve knocked the cork into the bottle and little bits of it are floating in your glass. You know it before we say it: It’s time to get the right tools for the job. Start with Osters rechargeable wine bottle opener. As its name suggests, you’ll never be scrounging for extra batteries, as it tops off its power stores via an included cable. Sure, its footprint is small so that it slips easily in with your other kitchen utensils, but it’s also handsome enough to have out while entertaining.

Next in the package is a foil cutter, and again, while not absolutely necessary, it’s a much more elegant means of preparing to open your bottles than hacking at a bottle’s top with a chef’s knife. Admit it, it’s something you know you need, and here’s your chance to pick one up.

This kit also includes an aerating pourer, which serves two functions. The first and most useful function is its ability to focus the wine into the glass, a task that frankly wine bottles have never and are still not designed to do. No more spills on the flooring or down the sides of the bottle; if you believe your vintage is good to the last drop, then this is the way to ensure its value isn’t wasted. Its other use is in the name: Short of decanting, which also achieves aeration but requires a specialized container, this pouring device floods your wine with oxygen as its dispenses, opening up your liquid for a fuller representation of its taste and potential.

Finally, while we all love counting empties the next day, it’s nice to save a last glass for yourself. If there’s some reserve left in the bottle (and you don’t want to risk a pounding hangover the next day), two vacuum wine stoppers are included so that you can live to fight another day.

Wine has been around for centuries, but if you’re just getting into it, it can be a time-consuming endeavor to outfit yourself. Through Amazon Prime Day right now you can kit yourself out with Oster’s 4-in-1 Wine Savoring Experience. That’s a deal worth toasting.

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