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Nissin’s New Hot and Spicy Ramen Flavor Cranks the Heat Up

Nissin's new Hot & Spicy Fire Wok in Molten Chili Chicken flavor.

Men tired of boring and bland can get ready for Nissin’s heat-cranked “Hot & Spicy Fire Wok” noodles. The freeze-dried Japanese pasta from the company that claims to be at the “Pinnacle of Noodledom” is a sweat-inducing experience. 

Each new self-serve bowl includes a Fire Sauce packet to create precisely spiced noodles in sauce (with no added MSG) in only five microwaveable minutes. Fire woks are available in four increasingly spicy flavors: “Sizzlin’ Rich Pork” at spice level 4, “Scorchin’ Sesame Shrimp” at level 5 and “Molten Chili Chicken” and “Volcanic Mongolian Beef,” which each arrive at a head-scorching level 6.  

Nissin Foods first found a way to make flavorful food convenient when its founder, Momofuku Ando, faced with a Japanese food shortage after WWII, invented instant ramen and sparked a three-minute global revolution. The spirit of innovation that evolved to provide simple, nourishing delight to billions of people over the last 50 years now not only wants to fill your belly, but also to cool you down by making you sweat.

Recently, Nissin Foods launched several products, including pumpkin spiced noodles for the fall. While Ando offered some tasty creations over the years with delicious Stir Fry offerings in its Cup Noodles and Top Ramen customized in various ways, 2021 consumers are craving big, bold flavors in a convenient package. A bottle of sriracha on the table might work, but “Hot & Spicy Fire Woks” involve more than just adding a condiment to the soupy mix.

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Available in three flavors, “Sizzlin Rich Pork” is a nice gateway to ease into the spicy end of the pool. If you’re looking to go full lava, “Scorchin’ Sesame Shrimp” and “Molten Chili Chicken” bring the flames.

As a new addition to the Nissin Foods lineup, the big, bold “Hot & Spicy Fire Wok” noodles are a great choice, but they are not for timid tasters. If you can only handle one or two flames on the heat meter, these noodles might be too extreme for that delicate palate. Men might even consider blending some plain noodles with the spicy ones to build up to the heat. Not everyone enjoys a volcanic bath. Are your chopsticks prepared for the extreme heat?

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