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This Ninja Indoor Grill Is $100 Off Today

Ninja Foodi indoor grill grilling burgers.

There are times when you want to cook something up on a grill, but you can’t do it outside. Maybe the weather’s terrible, you don’t have the outdoor space for it, or a dedicated grill is too expensive. That’s when you should start looking for indoor grill deals instead, like this fantastic offer from Ninja. Today at Best Buy, you can pick up the Ninja Foodi XL smart indoor grill for just $200, a $100 discount on the regular price tag of $300. That’s a 33% savings on this beloved piece of kitchen equipment and easily one of the best Ninja deals. Keep reading to learn more about your new favorite smart appliance.

The Ninja Foodi XL is one of the best grills if you’re looking for versatility. This handy smart appliance lets you grill indoors, but you can also use it to roast, air fry, bake, broil, and dehydrate, all at the touch of a button. Of course, the star of the show is its grilling functionality that lets you make all the best grill recipes. Thanks to the Smart Cook system, it can grill food to the perfect amount of doneness. It has a grate on both the top and bottom, so you’ll get all the delicious grill marks and flavors without dealing with fire hazards. Inside, it’s equipped with a unique 500 degree F cyclonic grate grilling technology that heats both sides simultaneously, so you’ll never even have to flip your meats!

There are four intelligent protein settings that tell the Foodi which meat you’re about to cook, then you can select between 9 customizable doneness levels. There’s even an innovative smart thermometer baked into the system, so both you and the Foodi XL can easily monitor the internal temperature of your food while it’s cooking. Beyond grilling, there are also functions for dehydrating and roasting, along with a 4-quart basket specifically for air frying. The machine also has a smoke control system, which operates to reduce the amount of smoke that ends up in your kitchen.

The Ninja Foodi XL smart indoor grill is a great way to get authentic grilled meats indoors. If this sounds like the ideal indoor grill for your kitchen, you should pick it up at Best Buy for a discount. It’s priced at just $200, which is $100 off the standard price of $300. Hit that Buy Now button before this deal expires!

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