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This Ninja Blender is Discounted at Amazon — Ideal for Margaritas and Smoothies

Ninja BN701 Professional Plus Blender with white bg

Sure, blending drinks by hand works, but it’s not ideal and we’d argue it’s not at all fun. Making smoothies, protein shakes, or even margaritas calls for a decent and reliable blender with the power to chop ice, other solids like frozen fruit, and really mash-up that concoction. There are, of course, several options that belong on the best blenders list, but Ninja’s machines will always be there.

Always ready to rock, the Ninja BN701 Professional Plus Blender with Auto-IQ technology is on sale at Amazon right now. You can snag it for $10 off, or $100 with free one-day Prime shipping and returns. This thing is a beast, and it holds up to 64 ounces of any liquid or concoction.

Reliable blender? Check. Crushing pitcher? Check. Awesome power? Check. The Ninja BN701 Professional Plus Blender with Auto-IQ technology is a large, family-size blender capable of crushing, mashing, chopping, blending, and everything in between. The 72-ounce oversized pitcher can hold up to 64 ounces of liquid at once, enough for a party or small gathering. That’s excellent if you’re making a batch of margaritas or other delicious adult beverages.

The Auto-IQ feature means it has a powerful motor with higher wattage (1,400 watts) to ensure a smooth, ready-made drink. There are three preset programs so you can blend smoothies, frozen drinks, and ice cream, all with the press of a single button. What’s more, there are four manual programs to customize the blade movements. The components are dishwasher-safe, too, so they’re easy to clean when you’re all done. Everything is BPA-free.

Usually $110, Amazon is offering the Ninja BN701 Professional Plus Blender for $100, or $10 off. That’s a great deal, especially since this blender doesn’t go on sale often. You get free shipping and delivery, but if you have Prime that’s upgraded to one-day shipping with free returns. If you need a new blender, now’s the ideal time to grab one. With warm days ahead, those margaritas and frozen beverages will be a real treat!

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Curious about what else is out there? We rounded up all of the best blender deals for you below. See if there’s anything else that catches your eye.

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