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Last Chance to Order a Ninja Air Fryer for Delivery in Time for Christmas

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There are three reasons you should order a Ninja Air Fryer right now. One, because air fryers make delicious foods that have that crispy perfection you expect from frying but in fact cook with convection baking, so said crisped foods are healthier. Two, because air fryers make great kitchen gifts, and ’tis the season. And three because this is your last chance to save $40 off a great air fryer that will deliver in time for Christmas, saving you money and helping you save face as you aren’t caught for waiting this long to do your gift shopping.

So really that was more like four or even five reasons. Still not sold? Then how about the prospect of restaurant-quality fries, crispy chicken wings, toasted ravioli, homemade chips, hard “boiled” eggs, bacon, mozzarella sticks, chocolate chip cookies, and any of the other innumerable and delectable foods you can cook in an air fryer?

Thanks to high heat concentrated in a small space and kept moving by convection (a fan blowing, e.g.), this 4- quart air fryer cooks quickly and evenly, saving you time and producing food with a decidedly fried texture and taste but without the unhealthy oils. And it can also be used to reheat, dehydrate, and to roast if you don’t want the crispy fried texture.

Usually, a Ninja Digital Air Fryer of this size sells for $120, which is hardly highway robbery as is. But right now, it’s on sale for $80, which is a $40 savings for those of you playing along at home. Even more to the point of the right now if it all is that if you order basically immediately, like maybe don’t even bother reading the rest of this sentence, you can still get the thing delivered in time for Christmas. (Thank you for reading the rest of that sentence and this one and the next few, by the way.)

One last benefit most people don’t think of when it comes to air fryers: Ease of cleanup. The nonstick baking basket pops out and wipes clean with a soapy sponge or kitchen towel and can then be toweled off or air-dried, no scouring of pots or pans or scraping at baking sheets involved. And that fried taste, though.

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