Thanks to Hidden Valley, Ranch Lovers May Lose Their Minds on National Ranch Day

In America, ranch dressing is taken very seriously. Rarely actually used for salads, ranch is the ubiquitous dipping sauce for everything from pizza to buffalo wings. Needless to say, National Ranch Day (March 10) is one of the more revered food holidays.

hidden valley ranch pizza
Hidden Valley Ranch/Facebook

Hidden Valley, the most prominent purveyor of ranch, tends to go big for National Ranch Day. Last year, the company created a bejeweled ranch bottle worth $35,000 and gave it away to a lucky Twitter follower. The year before, the firm created the beautiful ranch fountain that you could buy at a weird, pop-up outlet store. Because who doesn’t want to coat their food in beautiful, free-flowing ranch?

For 2019, Hidden Valley is going big again. On Friday, March 8, a 24-foot-tall ranch bottle will be erected beside the Brooklyn Bridge replica outside the New York, New York Hotel on the Las Vegas strip. People can snap photos all weekend of the largest bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch ever made. Ah, but National Ranch Day is actually on March 10, you say? They know. 

That Sunday, in Las Vegas, for one glorious hour between 11 a.m. and noon Pacific Time, Hidden Valley will let you fill any sized container with ranch for free.

That’s right; anything from a cooler to a kiddie pool will be filled to the brim with creamy goodness. Taking a page out of 7-11’s Bring Your Own Cup Day for slushies, this celebration is a ranch lover’s dream. Your only limitations are the size of your car and your ability to carry the container of your choice.

There will be plenty of free pizza, chicken fingers, and fries to dip and drench. The party will last until 6 p.m. local time and feature giveaways as well as fun snacks like ranch-flavored popcorn. If you can’t make it to Vegas, you can follow the madness on social media and hope that you can snag the historic bottle. Last year’s giveaway wasn’t announced until they had chosen a winner, so shoot your shot!

But ideally, a ranch connoisseur should make it out to the desert. There’s no better place than Sin City to clog your arteries because you never have to talk about how many calories you consumed that day again!


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