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The Manual Holiday Gift Guide: The Foodie

For the Foodie Who Is Short on Time: Blue Apron
This subscription meal service does all the shopping and measuring for him, so all he’ll have to do is cook.
$9.99 per person, per meal, at

 For Salt Lovers: Chef Salt Fab Premium Holiday Collection
This kit will make sure their food is always perfectly seasoned.
$30 at

For the Morning Person: Galaxy Desserts Morning Buns
What better way to wake up than with a warm gooey morning bun?
$44 at

For the Home Cook: Glass Herb Keeper
This will make sure herbs stay fresh for a long time, so that their meals will be full of flavor.
$19.95 at

For the Guy Who Eats Avocado Toast: Harold Import Company Avo Saver
Avocado toast was one of the trendiest food items last year and this handy contraption will help you keep them fresh.
$7.43 at

For the Spendthrift at the Bar: Personalizable Leather Wrapped Flask
He’ll always have a swig ready so he won’t have to spend big bucks at the bar.
$29.95 at

 For the Aspiring Mixologist: Craft Cocktails
This recipe book will teach them everything they need to know about mixing the perfect craft cocktail.
$35.08 at

For the Cheese Obsessed: Bedford Cheese Shop Regional Box
This box will have a fine selection of cheeses from all over the world.
$45 at

For the Oenophile: The California Wine Club Signature Series
They’ll have a new bottle of fine wine every month thanks to this subscription service.

For the Fine Foodie: Savory French Macarons
Foie Gras, Black Truffle and Roquefort macarons will be sure to blow their minds.
$19 at

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