It’s World Whiskey Day—Need We Say More?

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The title really says it all. It’s World Whiskey Day, so we here at The Manual put together a list of the whiskies we’re drinking to celebrate the day. If you haven’t tried the spirits on this list yet, there is literally no better day than today to do so!

Austin ParkerWhistle Pig Rye Whiskey

I was introduced to it as a celebratory drink after climbing 11,900 Mt. Nebo in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains in the middle of winter earlier this year. It’s been my go to whiskey ever since.

Miles BranmanHigh West Double Rye

Brad BorqueAberlour A’bunadh

It’s a cask strength highland scotch with a huge, bold impact. Notes of sherry, raisins, and chocolate dominate the palette, with a creamy, heavy finish.

Ian SchwamTalisker

Drew PrindleDel Bac Dorado

Crazy single malt from Arizona that’s smoked over mesquite instead of peat. Gives it a wildly different but also distinctly familiar flavor that’s lovely on the rocks.

Also, Old Scout Single Barrel.

Fantastic cask-strength bourbon. A bit boozy for sipping neat or on the rocks, but the flavor profile is lovely for bourbon-based cocktails. 

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Katie DickensBerkshire Mountain Distillery Corn Whiskey

Christopher BlomquistMaker’s Mark.

It’s an always reliable basis for a delicious Manhattan on a chilly night. 

Elizabeth DahlWoodford Reserve Rye

I’ve only recently discovered ryes and this one is flavorful, spicy, maybe even best suited for fall and winter, but doesn’t set your throat of fire.

Sam Slaughter:  Royal Brackla 16

I love the sherry notes on this one, it’s perfect for sipping and celebrating.

Also: Templeton Rye

One of my go-to rye whiskies, this is a standard in my liquor cabinet for any rye-based cocktail I want to make.

And one more: Four Roses Single Barrel 

The finish is what gets me on this one. It lingers in the best way, leaving the light spice notes to play around long after you’ve sipped.

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