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Instant Pot Down to Cheapest-Ever Price in Time for the Super Bowl

If you’re planning a Super Bowl party, even just for the family, a new Instant Pot is a great tool for preparing snacks and food ahead of time and during the game. There are plenty of tempting Instant Pot deals available. Walmart is currently selling the 6-quart Instant Pot Viva 9-in-1 multi-use pressure cooker at its cheapest-ever price. The Instant Pot Viva list price is $100, but Walmart has it on sale for just $49, a 51% discount and $51 savings.

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The Instant Pot Viva is one of the newest models. The Viva adds extra features and functions to the Instant Pot Duo, for years the best-selling model. New cooking functions with the Viva include cake making, egg cooking, and sterilizing. You can also use this new model for Sous Vide cooking plus as a sauté pan, slow cooker, rice cooker, grain cooker, yogurt maker, food warmer, and pressure cooker. There’s a lot of versatility in this multi-use appliance, but one-touch buttons and 15 built-in smart programs make it easy to select cooking modes, time, and temperature. The Instant Pot Viva 6-quart model is the most popular size. You can prepare entrees for up to six people with this model or appetizers for a crowd.

If you’re new to multi-use cookers or pressure cooking in general, it’s important to note that the Instant Pot has more than 10 Instant Pot Viva 6-quart 9-in-1 safety features, including overheat protection, a safety lock, and more. The food cooks in a removable food-grade stainless steel pot that’s dishwasher safe. The user manual has extensive information on various ways to use the Instant Pot. There are also literally 100s of cookbooks dedicated to Instant Pot cooking as well as 1,000s of recipes online.

Walmart’s deal on the Instant Pot Viva 6-quart 9-in-1 multi-cooker is an excellent opportunity to save on this versatile appliance. You’ll save $51, or more than half off the normal $100 list price when you buy the Instant Pot Viva for $49, a 51% discount. If you want to learn how to be a better cook with a kitchen tool that has a wide variety of functions, you’ll find cooking with an Instant Pot is a good way to up your own game. Get it in early so you can settle in and have a great time watching the Super Bowl with plenty of tasty snacks already prepared.

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Ninja Foodi 4-in-1 8-quart -- $169
Ninja Foodi 8-in-1 -- $180, was $230

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