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Idris Elba releases new track for launch of Grey Goose Altius vodka

Elba's new track Pushing On revealed for launch of Grey Goose Altius

GREY GOOSE Idris Elba - marcobahler

Iconic vodka brand Grey Goose is working with beloved British actor Idris Elba on the release of its latest spirit, Grey Goose Altius. The luxury vodka is being launched with a new track from Elba and a new short film, showing his creative process in the making of his new track Pushing On.

Altius is a limited edition release from Grey Goose that uses Alpine spring water and winter wheat for a smooth vodka that is aiming squarely at the luxury end of the party scene. Named for windswept mountains and icy blue skies, Altius comes in a mountain-inspired glass bottle to show off its spring water ingredients. It is filtered at a chilly -24 degrees Celsius for a smooth taste with a mineral heft from the alpine water and taste notes of green apple.

As for Elba, he has long been making music as well as acting as is known for his DJing and music production in addition to his renown for his acting roles. His new track is being launched to mark the launch of Altius as well.

“Vibrations, rhythm, music, melody… all of these things are an emotion for me,” Elba said. “I have to imagine what I want the song to do, and I get inspired by things that sound like that. Everyone speaks different languages, are different ages, different generations but as soon as you play music, it’s just one frequency.”

Grey Goose Altius will be available in 700 ml and 1.75 ml bottles. It is currently available in Europe and will be coming to bars, nightclubs, and restaurants in the U.S. in Autumn.

Georgina Torbet
Georgina Torbet is a cocktail enthusiast based in Berlin, with an ever-growing gin collection and a love for trying out new…
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“The second in a series of releases from the distillery, ‘Untold Depths’ is a classic pairing of a gentle cask and medium peating which explores the full depth of taste of which Brora is capable," said Craig Wilson, Master Blender at Brora. "On the nose the whisky holds waxy hints of fragrant incense and green grape skins drift through light peat smoke, then dried herb and scented oil slowly rising through a swirl of buttery toffee. Waxy-smooth, the sweet, lightly fruity taste reaches a long and fragrant finish with a pinch of white pepper.”

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The first bottle in the collection, The Harpy's Tale, was released last year. Now, it is joined by a new expression: The Unicorn's Tale. This whisky is aged in Malmsey Madeira wine and Bourbon casks for 14 years, bringing notes of banana, menthol, and lime to the party along with the expected generous smoke.

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