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Highland Park Takes Tailgating to Another Level

When you think of tailgating before the big game, there are certain images that come to mind: grilling next to a giant pickup truck, painting your face with your team colors, making sure that even your underwear has your team logo emblazoned on it, and drunkenly breaking out into chants that you are sure, somewhere deep down inside, will help lead your team to victory that day. That’s all fine, but Highland Park whisky is stepping up the tailgate experience by bringing its Viking heritage (which is imbued in all of its releases) to American football fans via its Ship & Sip experience (Minnesota Viking fans should pay close attention).

The Ship & Sip package will dominate all the Ford F-150s in the stadium parking lot this fall with a customized cedarwood Viking ship decked out with leather interior that you can purchase now for just $117,980 (the price is a reference to the founding of the distillery in 1798). Your chariot … uh, Viking ship … will include the following amenities for a one-of-a-kind tailgating experience:

  • Engraved Gjallarhorn, a mythological Norse horn come to life, that you can blow when your team scores a touchdown.
  • Monogrammed team Viking horns to drink out of.
  • Personal whisky butler to lead you through a pregame tailgate scotch tasting.
  • Private bartender to mix up a bunch of Highland Park cocktails for you and all your friends.
  • Private photographer to document you living out all your football and Viking fantasies (maybe avoid the blood eagle, though).
  • Private security to protect you from the drunken hordes that will surely be gathered around your ship gaping and wanting to climb onboard.
  • 4k high-def resolution screens so you can watch the game from the comfort of your Viking vessel.

With all of those amenities, there’s no way you won’t dominate the parking lot. Just make sure you don’t act like the 1998 Vikings squad, who choked in the playoffs after dominating with a 15-1 regular season record. No one wants to see that happen again. Don’t be Gary Anderson.

Interested parties can email to find out more about purchasing this whisky and Viking fantasy-fueled tailgate experience.

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