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Have Espresso, Will Travel with Nomad

nomad espresso machine
Image used with permission by copyright holder
Espresso is delicious, packs a caffeinated punch, and makes you look damn classy. But it’s a pain to make, requiring expensive machinery or an overpriced coffee shop. That used to be the harsh reality we were forced to live in; now there’s Nomad Espresso Machine.

homemade espresso with nomad
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Vincent Chen, who has a PhD in cognitive science, and Curt Morgan teamed up to design the Nomad after Chen found even Parisian home brewed espresso often came with a burned taste. The two men felt surely there was a way to have a compact, easy-t0-use espresso maker that would ensure the perfect cup every time. A couple of years later, and they’ve changed everything.

With nothing more than some coffee grounds, water, and minor effort on your part, you can have the perfect espresso anywhere, anytime. How, you ask? With their patented valve and a simple machine. Fill the Filter Basket with grounds, tamp it down with the provided tamper, and place the tray inside the machine. Pour in 10 oz. of water (temperature is your choice– hot, cold or iced water all work) then, using the seesawing lever, you create a buildup of pressure completely customized to your taste.

nomad pressure gauge
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Here’s where it gets really cool. Normally, making a truly great espresso requires some training;  you have to grind the coffee perfectly and tamp it down with absurd precision. Nomad allows you to bypass the training stages. Their patented True Crema Valve will compensate for any variations that could possibly throw off your delicious shot of espresso. It’s ridiculously fun pumping the lever and monitoring the pressure on the gauge while watching the cup fill up with silky-smooth espresso.

nomad espresso drawer
Image used with permission by copyright holder

It requires no batteries, no charging, no cartridges of any sort. It’s powered completely by you so where you’ve got water and coffee, by George you can have espresso! The world is your caffeinated oyster! Espresso shots can be enjoyed on their own or as part of cappuccinos, cafe lattes, Americanos, etc.

You can buy this engineering marvel through the company directly or via Amazon. It’s beautiful design will jazz up your kitchen, but it’s small enough to fit in backpacks, beach bags, or suitcases. Because why ever travel without your own personal espresso maker, you classy devil?

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