Forbidden Root & Fernet-Branca Collaborate to Create “Fernetic”

forbidden root collab
When you’ve got a brewery that makes it their purpose to highlight the amazing flavors of botanicals, and a spirit that’s made from twenty-seven different herbs and other ingredients, good things are bound to happen.

In this case, Fernetic happened, thanks to Chicago’s first botanical brewery, Forbidden Root and talian Amari producer Fernet-Branca.

If you missed it last week, we  already wrote about why you need to check out Forbidden Root. This new collaboration, the first for Fernet, is yet another delicious reason.

After working with the Branca family, the team at Forbidden Root deconstructed Fernet-Branca’s recipe in order to create the 8.4% ABV black ale.

“Our goal was to find a way to translate the Fernet-Branca experience into beer and Forbidden Root was the natural partner to make this happen. Amaro and craft beer fans alike will now get to experience something that has never been done before – the first collaboration of this kind for both Fernet-Branca and Forbidden Root,” Edoardo Branca, the sixth generation Branca family member now managing the Fratelli Branca business in the U.S., said in a statement.

That experience includes using ingredients such as rhubarb root, saffron, and wormwood (in addition to many of the other twenty-seven botanicals that give Fernet-Branca its distinctive flavor). The nose of Fernetic is a mix of coffee and mint, and the palate is roasty, a little bitter, and a little creamy.

Fernetic is available on draft and in 22-ounce bottles (that are dipped in black wax) on a very limited basis for $14.99. Starting this month, Fernetic will be also available in Massachusetts, Florida, Rhode Island and Ohio.

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