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The Best Cutting Boards to Equip Your Kitchen With Serviceable Style

best cutting boards
Although it’s usually tucked away in a cabinet most of the time, your cutting board is unquestionably one of the most used culinary tools in your kitchen, and should be treated as such. Too often these carving boards come second to knives, when both require ample attention and care.

A well-maintained knife not only makes chopping easier and faster, it helps prevent accidents because it requires less force than your dull, five-year old knife when slicing ingredients. There are a multitude of ways to protect your blade, but one factor many don’t consider is the surface of your cutting board.

Even though they require a bit more upkeep than plastic or other synthetic options, wood cutting boards are generally gentler on knives.

Top-notch woods can cost a bit more, so we’ve included both affordable and splurge-worthy suggestions in our list of the best cutting boards.

Fab Slabs Large Board

Australian-based Fab Slabs is a family-owned operation that prides itself on offering “the world’s most hygienic cutting boards.” While its naturally antibacterial board provides protection against food-born viruses such as E Coli and Salmonella, Fab Slabs also handcrafts each cutting board with a unique blend of function, style, and durability that is designed to make you and your knives happy. 

Fab Slabs cuts its Camphor Laurel-wood boards into small, medium, and large sizes in every style from standard chopping boards and paddles to a pizza board and a free-form grazing platter that will upgrade your charcuterie presentations tenfold. No matter your choice, a Flabs Slabs board is built to be a workhorse in any kitchen.

Hawkins New York Oak Cutting Board

Hawkins New York Oak Cutting Board

Hawkins New York has slightly redesigned its cutting boards but they still give off the sleek and modern aesthetic minimalists are looking for. Designed for everyday cutting or as a serving board for vegetables, cheeses, and charcuterie, the Hawkins New York Cutting board is a versatile and simple companion for your culinary exercises, offered in both oak and maple varieties.

Epicurean Fillet Cutting Boards

Chopping blocks may come in many shapes and sizes but they are typically designed with a specific need in mind. Epicurean offers an incredible selection of activity-specific cutting boards, from mincing vegetables in the kitchen to filleting your daily catch on the riverbank. This fillet cutting board fulfills all your fish cutting needs, from a durable, quarter-inch thick board to measurement markings that ensure your fillet cuts are always precise.

etuHOME Farmhouse Cutting Board

For those culinary connoisseurs looking to add some rustic vibes to their abode, the Farmhouse board from etuHOME makes our roundup based on looks alone. However, it’s also a functional friend. Featuring a sturdy, reclaimed wood texture and wrought iron handles, this board is hand-finished with organic orange oil for some extra shine on your counter.

Brooklyn Butcher Blocks Walnut Board

Brooklyn Butcher Blocks Walnut Board

If you want a durable and bold addition to your kitchen arsenal, this walnut board is as blade-saving as it is beautiful. The handmade butcher block uses edge grain construction to provide a smoother, thus softer, cutting surface. Don’t just do it for you; do it for the knives.

John McLeod Angus Carving Board

John McLeod Angus Carving Board

Available in both walnut and maple, the John McLeod Angus Carving Board is the perfect companion for carving and preparing meats. Boasting a built-in grid to hold large hunks of meat in place, a trenched perimeter to catch necessary juices, and dual-sided capabilities, this American-made board crafted from sustainable New England hardwood is quite versatile.

TeakHaus by Proteak Edge Grain Carving Board

Like shoes and cars, style is an important integer when upgrading any aspect in your life. The best cutting boards should do more than just complete your culinary arsenal and this edge grain Teak wood butcher’s block from TeakHaus is the perfect blend of practicality and appeal. It’s big enough for all your carving needs, from large family gatherings to Sunday barbecues, but in order to keep up its appearance and quality we recommend coating your block with mineral oil for a layer of protection and longevity.

Ironwood Gourmet Baguette Miter

Ironwood Gourmet Baguette MiterThis new creation for slicing french baguettes is an exceptional tool for the kitchen. Baguette textures can vary immensely, and it’s important to have a strong guide for beautiful cuts on your bread. This purpose-made, acacia-wood board allows for precise slicing and serving of traditional baguettes.

BigWood Boards Walnut Cutting Board

BigWood Boards aptly named this cutting block “A Griller’s Best Friend” because that’s exactly what this is. It’s perfectly sized for transporting steaks from the grill into the kitchen for carving and it’s conveniently equipped with polished steel handles for safe and secure carrying.

OXO Good Grips Everyday Cutting Board

Although wooden blocks are better for your knives’ health and longevity, plastic cutting boards are still a serviceable, hygienic, and cost-effective option. OXO Good Grips offers what we consider to be the best plastic board on the market because it dons an optimal size for cutting larger cuts of meat, offers dual-sided use to prevent cross-contamination, and on top of that, it’s dishwasher safe.

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