New Cannabis Craft Beers, Cold Brews, and Teas Are Here

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If someone told your younger self — the one who secretly smoked joints in the woods behind school and used a bottle of Febreeze to cover the smell — that your adult self could order a cannabis beer, cold brew coffee, or tea in public, you’d say, “Woah! I’ll have what you’re having, because that’s crazy!”

We’re living in that future now since Cannabiniers, a brand management company working to revolutionize the cannabis industry, has expanded its “alternative beverage portfolio” to include Two Roots Brewing Co., the world’s first line of “CannaCrafted” non-alcoholic, THC- and CBD-infused craft beer, and Just Society, a line of THC- and CBD-infused, cold-brewed coffees and teas.

Woah is right.

The impetus for these developments began with coffee. (If you read The Manual regularly, you know how much we love our coffee.) Just last year, Cannabiniers launched what they called the world’s first line of cannabis-infused coffee, tea, and cocoa delivered through a patented, 100-percent, single-brew pod dubbed BrewBudz.

“Based on consumer trends and feedback from customers, Just Society is the next evolution with flavors of iced teas including lemon, mango, mint, raspberry, and honey; and iced coffees including original, café mocha, salted caramel, and French vanilla,” the company said in a release.

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Just how do they do it? Cannabiniers uses a patented, proprietary, safe, and natural flower-based extraction technology for the sake of introducing products that will help normalizing cannabis use.

Indeed, there seems to be a rise in cannabis coffee offerings, with other contenders like Ganja Grindz offering cold brew, bottled coffee as well as single-serve brew cups; Therapy Tonics & Provisions’ 4.20-ounce coffee, mocha, chai, and matcha teas; Pot-O-Coffee’s single-serve coffee pods; plus coffees from House of Jane, Canyon Cultivation, and Koala Coffee.

In the case of Two Roots non-alcoholic beer, the formula was designed to emulate the effects of alcohol, which will set in within five to 10 minutes and dissipate in less than two hours. Two Roots is the only line of craft beer in the United States using Cannabiniers’ state-of-the-art-technology for de-alcoholizing beer. Brewed in California and infused with THC and CBD in Nevada and California, Two Roots’ initial product offering consists of five styles: lager, stout, new west IPA, blonde ale, and wheat. A “Tribute” style beer that tastes like cannabis is soon to follow.

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“Beer, coffee, and tea hold such a widely accepted and even celebrated place in society,” says Timothy Walters, president of Cannabiniers. “The popularity of craft beer and coffee has grown across all demographics, and tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, second only to water. We’re excited by the potential for Two Roots Brewing to be the first to market, offering products infused with THC and CBD.”

According to the same release, Cannbiniers is working on a “multistate rollout of both Just Society and Two Roots covering a 12-state product release.”

Beer is getting a Mary Jane boost via other companies as well. We saw this trend in 2017 when a big-name beer and spirits brand invested in a marijuana company, the creator of Blue Moon recently announced a new venture that will deal marijuana-infused beer, and New Belgium Brewing just released the hoppy Hemporer IPA.

Not a huge fan of beer? If cocktails are more your speed, here are some cannabis-infused cocktail recipes.

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