Watch BridgePort Brewing Send an IPA into Space

We might not have flying cars or teleportation machines, but this is still a remarkable time to be alive, folks. Because this is the age … of space beer! In a follow-up to Elon Musk launching a Tesla into space, late last month BridgePort Brewing sent a bottle of its celebrated Original IPA into the heavens.

Sort of. Technically, the IPA only entered the middle of the stratosphere, which occupies the space between 6 and 30 miles above the Earth’s surface. Outer space is generally considered to start at the Karman Line, a boundary at 62 miles (or 100 kilometers, which is a bit easier to remember, but this is America, so 62 miles). However, when you watch the video, it sure looks like space to us.

This high altitude adventure celebrates the 22nd anniversary of the IPA’s release. However, Portland-based BridgePort isn’t the first brewery to dabble in space beer. Late last year, Budweiser launched a batch of barley into space (well, SpaceX took care of the actual launching), which will later be used to  brew beer back here on Earth. The reason? Why, to prepare Bud to brew beer on Mars, of course.

Another Oregon hotspot, Ninkasi Brewing, used yeast that had been aboard the International Space Station for a bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout called Ground Control. With an ABV of 10 percent, Ground Control is enough to make anyone a temporary space cadet if enjoyed in quantity.

What does BridgePort achieve by having launched a beer toward space? Really, it’s about the same as SpaceX and Elon Musk achieved by launching a car, albeit on a smaller scale. We’re talking about it, because why not? It’s interesting, it’s fun. We didn’t really need another reason to drink beer, but it sure doesn’t hurt.

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