Joe on the Go: 7 Best Travel Mugs for Your Morning Coffee

best travel mugs
If you want your darling Americano, latte, or dark roast to last long enough to enjoy during your early  conference calls, it’s time to step up your coffee game with a legit (emphasis on legit) commuter mug that is insulated and won’t spill on your fresh button-down. Sorry, not sorry.

We tested a mass of commuter mugs, drank plenty of lukewarm coffee, and suffered a couple lap burns to find you a selection of the best travel mugs on the market. You can thank us later with a shot (of espresso).

We love these mugs because their makers understand that coffee is the life-juice that gets us up in the morning and pulls us out of the early-afternoon slump. Just promise us that nothing with the words “pumpkin spice” in it will ever enter your precious commuter. Or so help us …

For the Big-Cup-of-Coffee Drinker: Yeti

Yeti Rambler 20 oz Tumbler

Yes, the cooler king makes equally as radical commuter mugs. The Yeti Rambler 20 oz Tumbler will keep your morning java piping hot from the moment you drudge out of bed all the way through your the end of the day. No-freakin’-joke. Literally over-engineered with double-wall vacuum insulation and kitchen-grade stainless steel, these mugs are dishwasher safe and come with the Yeti MagSlider lid that uses magnets to keep the bevvies on lock. Offered in nine sizes, from 10 oz to 1 gallon, so take that, trentas.

For Modern Vikings Who Drink Mud: Goat Story

goat story goat mug

This Kickstarter-born Viking-esque horn mug from Goat Story has tapped a certain primal chord, making its way to the e-racks of Touch of Modern and causing men across the world to say, “I gotta have it.” Sure, it’s a mug that’s practical (you can easily commute to work on your bike and not worry about spillage), sustainable (made of BPA-free polypropylene), and easy to use (remove the leather holder and use as a stand to keep your cup level on your desk). But it’s also a fashion accessory and talking point. Pick between four different colors: gray hemp, tan leather, maroon leather, or black-on-black.

For Those Who French-Press: Stanley

One of our biggest thumbs-down about packing coffee before work is that once you pop the cap at your desk, much of the aroma and bold flavor of a freshly pressed cup is lost *tear*. Stanley’s Classic Vacuum Travel Press, however, blends all the benefits of an insulated travel mug with the freshness of a French press. Literally make a fresh mug of coffee anywhere knowing it’ll stay hot for four hours. Plus, you can do it for a lifetime, as Stanley’s stainless steel doesn’t rust and is BPA-free. Use the folding loop to clip onto a pack and don’t be afraid of banging up this mug. It can withstand a beating.

If You’re Picky About Temperature: The Jül

Another crowdfunded commuter mug, The Jül is a smart mug (we have smartphones, so why not smart coffee?) that was designed to keep your brew at the perfect drinking temp. Created by Power Practical, The Jül raised more than its goal, most likely due to its not-too-hot, not-too-cool design. With a quick twist, The Jül lets you control your temperature and maintain it on a USB-connected coaster. Patent-pending technology inside The Jül knows the temperature of your drink and tells you when it’s just right. And good news: There’s a smart car coaster if you’re on a long road trip or commute to the city.

For Espresso-ists: Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask 10 oz Rocks Glass

Some of us don’t need a full 16 oz cup. We just need a little sumptin’ sumptin’ to hold a shot of espresso. Insulated water bottle company Hydro Flask was like, “We got your back,” and created the 10 oz Rocks Glass, which features its advanced TempShield insulation, plus a beveled bottom and powder coating for a comfortable, one-hand hold without transfer of heat or condensation buildup. Add the splash-proof, insulated, press-in lid and you can commute easily to the office or trailhead. Simple, yet effective.

For the Lightweight Commuter: GSI Outdoors

While many commuter mugs add plenty of weight to your baggage, we dig the GSI Outdoors Microlite 500 Flip for its incredibly lightweight construction. The company brags about how this mug is about one-third lighter than traditional designs, and it’s a taunt that’s fully backed up. Up to eight hours of vacuum-insulated heat retention from 2 mm-wide walls is almost unheard of. We also like the simplicity of the push-button, flip-top cap that locks closed for transport and pops open for a quick sip. Given the low weight of this commuter, it also fits in about any cup holder.

For the Flavor Fellow: Klean Kanteen

Kleen Kanteen 16 oz Insulated Wide

Last, but certainly not least, is the environmentally-conscious insulated brand Klean Kanteen. Their 16 oz Insulated Wide coffee thermos is the definition of solid, with rigorously tested double-wall vacuum insulation and a 10-hour heating timeline. If iced coffee is your jam, this thermos keeps it cool for 30 hours. Plus, the wide mouth makes it easy to fill with ice. A leak-proof Café Cap 2.0 comes with the mug, and although you’ll need to hand-wash, Klean Kenteen’s electropolished interior doesn’t retain or impart flavors. So get wild with the vanilla, my brother! Or an Irish coffee, if it’s one of those day.

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