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The Best Sweet Wines for 2021

When much of America thinks of sweet wine, thoughts of grandma’s favorite Riesling or Manischewitz come to mind. And while these options tend to be technically sweet, they’re just a drop in a delicious bucket full of sweet white wines and sweet red wines. There are, in fact, a plurality of styles and directions to go within the category, united by higher residual sugar content but extremely different in terms of taste, fragrance, and build.

We also tend to equate cheap and poorly made with sweet wines — another major mistake. Highly revered and expensive options like Sauternes have earned icon-rate status over the years. Here at The Manual, a sweet wine made it on to our best wines list, with many more coming very close to making the cut. You get the point. There are some fantastic sweet wines out there, from complex Port to late-harvest Gewurztraminer made in the ice wine style.

Next time you’re after a sweeter wine to accompany a funky cheese or to sip on post-meal, consider these fantastic offerings.

868 Estate Vineyards Vidal Blanc Passito

868 Vineyards Vidal Blanc Bottle

Named the best wine in Virginia last year, this lovely dessert wine is made from Vidal Blanc, a hybrid white related to Ugni Blanc. It’s made in a traditional Italian style in which the grapes are dried to concentrate flavors and sweetness. The result is a rich and tropical fruit-driven wonder, perfect with a fruit tart.

Taylor Fladgate 30-Year-Old Tawny Port

Taylor Fladgate 30-Year Tawny Port Bottle

This outstanding Port from the world-renowned Douro Valley of Portugal is full and nuanced. It’s also silky-smooth and fun to check in on with each little sip as it blossoms in the glass and flexes the many flavors that come from decades of aging.

S.A. Prüm Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Spätlese Grosse Lage

S.A. Prum Riesling Bottle

Quite a lot of Riesling is actually bone dry and zippy. This one is more stereotypical in that it’s quite sweet, but has all the complexity of a lauded Chianti Classico or Burgundy. The coveted 2017 vintage is no longer available but others are and are just about as tasty.

Château Climens Barsac

Chateau Climens Sauternes Bottle

A magical Sauterne, this wine possesses a feathery weight while packing tons of flavor and detail. Notes of marmalade, nectarine, honey, and vanilla greet the palate and while a number of vintages are great now, this style of sweet wine can age for a long, long time and improve even more en route.

Inniskillin Cabernet Franc Ice Wine

Inniskillin Cab Franc Ice Wine Bottle

This Canadian wine is one of relatively few made in the traditional ice wine style. Picking a bit later, after a freeze, locks in higher sugar levels prior to fermentation and the result here is an incredibly pretty wine with notes of cherry, wild raspberry, and strawberry taffy.

Royal Tokaji 5 Puttonyos

Royal Tokaji 5 Puttonyos Wine Bottle

This remarkable dessert wine from Hungary shows honey, peaches, and spice. The sweetness is offset elegantly by some firm acidity and the overall mouthfeel is engrossing and unmatched.

Felsina Vin Santo del Chianti Clasico

Felsina Vin Santo Bottle

This delightful half-bottle (or split, as the industry likes to call the format) is the perfect companion to some biscotti or gelato for a complete dessert. It’s complex and presents a beautiful hue, with nutty richness balanced out by some sherry-like brine and dried fruit components.

Tenuta Sant’Antonio “Nanfrè” Valpolicella

Tenuta Sant’Antonio "Nanfrè" Valpolicella

A heralded Italian king at least in Europe, Valpolicella doesn’t have nearly the following here in the states. But it should, as it’s not overly sweet and typically balanced out with some nice fruit and even savory components. This one is luminously bright, showing ripe red fruit and a little earth.

Gonzalez Byass Nectar P.X. Sherry

Gonzalez Byass Pedro Ximenez Sherry Bottle Shot

Pedro Ximenez sherry is one of the sweetest wines on the planet, a rich and fulfilling option ideal for capping supper. This decadent wine shows raisin, candied dates, malt, and toasted almond flavors.

Marchesi di Gresy La Serra Moscato d’Asti

Marchesi di Gresy La Serra Moscato d'Asti Bottle

One of the more famous sweet wine styles, Moscato d’Asti flutters with flavor while being light on the palate. They tend to be low in alcohol (this one is just 5% ABV) and softly effervescent. This stellar option spills over with floral aromatics and juicy fruit and honeycomb elements.

Far Niente Dolce

Far Niente Dolce Dessert Wine Bottle

Known for excellent Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, Far Niente also makes a mean sweet wine in the Dolce. Made from Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon, it offers fig and orchard fruit flavors with a fair amount of sweetness accented by some grassier notes.

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