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The Best Last-Minute Prime Day Smoker Deals for 2022: Sales to Grab Now

Prime Day has ended, pitmasters, but there are still sales to be had out there. There are a plethora of last-minute Prime Day deals that are up for grabs, and that includes the best Prime Day smoker deals. The problem is, there are tons of great smokers out there to choose from. It can be tough to decide which smoker is best for you. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’ll go over all the main things you should consider when purchasing a smoker to help you figure out which one is right for you.

If you’re a self-proclaimed pitmaster, you’re probably interested in other smoke-related deals. We’ve rounded up the best Prime Day grill deals that you can find today to help you sear through the summer. Also, be sure to check out our best Prime Day camping deals if you’re planning on loading up a portable smoker for a weekend in the RV. And don’t forget to check out the last day of the Walmart Deals for Days sale, which has plenty of additional bargains on offer.

Best Prime Day Smoker Deals Still Available

Despite its compact size, this smoker has great heat distribution to ensure that meats are cooked well. It has a temperature gauge so you can read and adjust the temperature anytime. more
The Combination BBQ, charcoal grill, and offset smoker has a 290-square inch cooking surface in the main cooker plus another 140-square inches in the firebox. more
With a spacious 457.86 sq. in. surface, this 1,500-watt smoker can cook multiple meats simultaneously. It's also digitally adjustable to ensure optimal cooking. more
The Lifesmart 1500-square-inch surface pellet grill and smoker has hree racks, dual digital meat probes, and up to 30 hours low heat smoking for fish and meats. more
Despite its small size, this Camp Chef smoker can still provide optimal cooking. It has two cooking grids and a jerky rack, and a matchless snap-ignition feature. more
THe Realcook 17-inch steel two-layer charcoal smoker and grill has 453-square inches of cooking space, built-in thermometer, can be used for hot or cold smoking. more
The temperature sensor on this propane smoker makes sure that the burner is at the right temperature and not burning your food. more
Made with a porcelain-coated body and cooking grates, this smoker not only guarantees durability, but also equal distribution of heat. more
Porcelain-enameled steel Weber Smokey Mountain charcoal smoker can cook a whole ham and turkey at he same time. Two 18.5-inch wide cooking grates. more

Should You Buy a New Smoker With Last-Minute Prime Day Deals?

In the past, Prime Day has been known for the best deals on computers, gadgets, and other tech-related products. However, there are also many great deals in many different product categories, including smokers. So if you’re in the market for a new smoker, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s look at the facts. Prime Day is in the summertime, and summer is the prime smoking season. So whether you’re new to the smoking game, looking to replace an old smoker, or trying to upgrade from your current smoker, Prime Day is the best time to get a great deal. The next big online deal day this year is on Black Friday, and who wants to buy a smoker in November? Also, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’d be passing up the chance for deals exclusive to you. Black Friday deals are available for everyone, which means less of a chance that you get the smoker you want. So if you still have some of this year’s tax return money saved up, this is a great way to spend it.

Another reason you should take advantage of last-minute Prime Day smoker deals is that with new smokers, it takes a little time to get used to them. Whether you’re new to smoking or a seasoned pro, that new smoker will have some quirks that you’re not accustomed to. This is especially true if you’re moving from a charcoal smoker to an electric smoker or vice versa. Our advice is to secure your smoker before Prime Day ends in several hours to get a few test smokes under your belt. Then, by the time the Fourth of July or Labor Day rolls around, you’ll be a smoke master.

Finally, if you need one more reason you should buy a new smoker, even though Prime Day has come and gone, do it for your friends and family. For almost a year and a half, people everywhere have been isolating themselves. Now with the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel in full sight, we’re all ready to gather again (safely, that is). Do note that time is running out fast, therefore, you getting that discounted smoker on Prime Day could be the perfect reason for an excellent backyard cookout your friends and family can enjoy.

How To Choose a New Smoker with Last-Minute Prime Day Deals

When it comes to smokers, you’re in one of three camps. You’re a fan of either a charcoal smoker, an electric smoker, or a propane smoker. Since electric and propane are very similar (and propane is less common), we’ll only be discussing electric and charcoal types. Just know when we talk about electric smokers, we’re talking about propane smokers too.

Both types of smokers have their advantages and disadvantages in terms of the flavor they produce, which we’ll cover. But it’s not all about taste. There are other things to consider when picking out your new smoker on Prime Day. Things like where you plan on setting up your smoker, how much you’re food you’re trying to smoke, which is easier to clean, and your budget all have a part to play in your decision-making process. First, let’s cover the main differences between electric and charcoal smokers.

When it boils down to it, the smoke flavors that each type of smoker delivers are among the main factors in whether you buy an electric or charcoal smoker. Charcoal smokers are considered the more traditional method of smoking. They provide the unmistakable charcoal taste mixed with wood smoke. Although electric smokers can’t offer the charcoal flavor, they can deliver just as well on the smoke flavor.

Another point of contention between electric and charcoal smokers is temperature control. The electric smoker wins out in this category since it’s essentially an oven with precise temperature settings. With charcoal smokers, you have to have a lot of patience to wait until your coals reach your desired temp. Also, you must monitor the temperature through your smoke — adding coals needed for heat and wood as needed for smoke. Temperature control is a top reason why novice smokers lean toward electric smokers. Additionally, cold smoking is much easier to do in an electric smoker than in a charcoal smoker.

Outside of flavor, there other factors to consider with smokers, one being where the smoker will live. If you prefer an electric smoker, you’ll need a power source and a covered area, preferably a deck or patio. However, you could house an electric smoker indoors if you have good ventilation since it doesn’t produce near as much smoke as a charcoal smoker. On the other hand, Charcoal smokers are a bit more versatile when it comes to where they can be stationed. Since they produce a lot of smoke, you’ll want to keep them outdoors. But as long as you have a cover for it, a charcoal smoker can endure the elements.

Both electric and charcoal smokers come in all sizes. So when you’re shopping for a smoker, think of how much you’ll be smoking at any given time. If it’s just you and a couple of other people, you can get away with a more compact smoker and save money in the process. If you plan on hosting a lot of BBQs, you’ll probably want one with more cook space and at least four to five racks.

When it comes to ease of cleaning, electric smokers win out. The only ash that you have to worry about in an electric smoker is in the woodchip tray, which is contained for easy cleanup. With charcoal, you have a pile of charcoal and wood ash left at the bottom of your smoker. You have to also clean the steam pan along with the soot and grease that can accumulate inside.

Finally, as with any significant purchase, you should consider your budget. Naturally, the bigger something is, the more you have to pay for it. Also, because of the hardware and digital controls, the price ranges of electric smokers tend to run higher than your standard charcoal models.

Hopefully, this quick guide to smokers will help you determine what to look for in your new smoker when doing some last-minute Prime Day shopping. If you still can’t make up your mind, take a look at the customer reviews. They can be very helpful in the decision-making process.

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