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Best Prime Day Kitchen Appliance Deals for 2021

Prime Day 2021: Kitchen Appliance Deals

Amateur home cooks and experts alike can find a wide selection of Prime Day kitchen appliance deals on sale today. Amazon loves to discount kitchen appliances, especially on Prime Day. As soon as you log on to Amazon or any general merchandise site that’s promoting the sales event, you will find Prime Day deals on pretty much anything you’ve ever used or seen others use in the kitchen.

We’re tracking Prime Day kitchen appliance sales on a wide range of appliances and this post covers all major product lines in the kitchen appliance category. If you are looking for specific appliance types and you’d rather not have to read through or skip past sections on other devices, we also have Prime Day kitchen appliance sales information on Instant Pot deals, air fryer deals, blenders, coffee machine deals, and more.

Best Prime Day Kitchen Appliance Deals

Brew six cups of coffee, lattes, or cappuccinos with any K-Cup pod before refilling the 60-ounce water reservoir. Use the coffee shot for an espresso and milk frother for a latte or cappuccino. more
Innovative dual cook and speed convection with 15 cooking functions and spacious 0.95-cubic-foot oven. LED buttons, digital controls, and internal light. Oven fits a 13-inch pizza or 9-by-13 pan. more
The retro and compact stainless steel two-slice toaster offers an easy one-touch LED display button, removable crumb tray, and cord storage. Six browning settings includes a bagel and defrost option. more
Up $50 in rebates
KitchenAid bundle includes a 5-door French door refrigerator, 24-inch self-cleaning convection wall oven, 36-inch 5-burner gas cooktop, 30-inch wall-mounted range hood, and 44-decibel dishwasher. more
This 9-in-1 device can take the place of numerous kitchen accessories to fry, crisp, steam, dehydrate, and many more functions. Clean up cluttered cabinets with a device that does it all. more
This bundle includes a 25-cubic-foot side-by-side refrigerator, 55-decibel dishwasher, 5.3-cubic-foot four-burner freestanding electric range, and a 1.7-cubic-foot over-the-range microwave oven. more
This bundle includes a 25.6-cubic-foot side-by-side fridge, five-element electric range and self-cleaning stove, 54-decibel dishwasher, and a 1.8-cubic-foot over-the-range microwave. more
Package includes a 29.5-cu. ft. smart French 4-door fridge with craft ice, 46-decibel 3-rack dishwasher, 6.3-cu. ft. slide-in electric range with convection oven, and 2.0-cu.ft. microwave with sensor. more
Complete your mornings with this Rapid Cold Brewer by Presto. You can make delectable cold brew coffee in just 15 minutes with this appliance. more
Bring out the versatility in your kitchen with this Ninja Kitchen System that provides Professional Performance, perfect for food processing, food blending, and nutrient extraction. more
Package includes a 16.6-cubic-foot top-freezer refrigerator, four-element electric range with 5-cubic-foot oven, 1.6-cubic-foot over-the-range microwave, and 64-decibel dishwasher. more
Cook food perfectly every time by circulating water at the exact temperature. Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to manage cook time and temperature. Great for chicken, fish, beef, pork, and eggs. more
Make 26 pounds of ice cubes per day, includes ice scoop and basket. Equipped with a high-efficient compressor and recirculating water tank to eliminate water waste. Perfect for home or office. more
Heat tea, water, or or other favorite hot beverage with this 1500w hot water pot/tea kettle from Zwilling. more
Bundle includes 21.8-cubic-foot four-door French door fridge, 30-inch 5-burner gas range with self-cleaning air fryer convection oven, 1.7 cu. ft. microwave with sensor, and 49-decibel dishwasher. more
This electric hand mixer is great for the home cook always on the move. With two wire beaters, dough hooks, and balloon whisks there's no mixing job this 300-watt mixer can't handle. more
Preserve your food the right way with this NutriChef Air Sealer System. Keep your food fresh for up to five times longer. It's also great to have if you're a fan of sous vide cooking. more
Eat healthier fried food using aircrisp technology. It reduces fat by up to 80%. The 3-quart capacity basket is perfect for a variety of foods. Quick, easy, and safe with an auto shut-off function. more
Up to $50 in Rebates
Package includes 18.2-cubic-foot top-freezer refrigerator, 4-burner 5-cubic-foot self-cleaning gas range, 1.6-cubic-foot over-the-range microwave, and a 63-decibel 24-inch dishwasher. more
Enjoy guilt-free fried food with this Ninja Air Fryer that uses up to 75% less fat than traditional fry methods. It also works as a food dehydrator. Temperatures up to 400 degrees. Dishwasher safe. more
This bundle includes a 25-cu. ft. French-door refrigerator, 51-decibel dishwasher, 5.3-cu.ft. free-standing electric range with 5-elements and frozen bake technology, and a 1.9-cu. ft. microwave oven. more
Bundle includes a 27.4-cubic-foot side-by-side fridge, 55-decibel dishwasher, 5.9-cubic-foot freestanding 5-burner self-cleaning range, and a 1.7-cubic-foot over-the-range microwave oven. more

We can summarize the kitchen appliance deals available today in a single word: Everything. While not every brand, model, and color is on sale or even available — most are. It’s also true that all deals are not equal. Some of the deals you’ll find today are priced with their usual discount. So you want to put your careful shopping hat on to discern the truly amazing Prime Day kitchen appliance deals from the ho-hum sales.

What are our favorite Prime Day kitchen appliance deals today? Check out the sales below. And check back regularly because we’re searching retailer sites during Prime Day and will keep the following selection updated as we find new awesome products and prices. Have fun shopping.

Should You Buy a New Kitchen Appliance on Prime Day?

Last year the pandemic had three huge effects on Prime Day 2020. Because of concerns about sufficiently available warehouse staff, Amazon pushed Prime Day from summer to fall. Also, people realized they weren’t going to be able to go to restaurants or even order out for food as easily as in pre-pandemic times. As people were locked down and many converted to working from home, suddenly emphasis grew on the desire for a home for productivity, convenience, entertainment, and as a source of meals.

Demand went off the charts for all products used in homes for cooking, working, and entertainment. Interest in DIY and home improvement. All of this home-focused buying led to shortages on everything from the best treadmills and dumbbells to office chairs, standing desks, 4K TVs, and kitchen appliances such as Ninjas, coffee makers, bread makers, and more.

Skip ahead to today, and Prime Day 2021 reflects the same forces and influences we saw last year. Now, however, we’re in a more deal-conducive season; inventories are ramping up, and retailers are back to near full-competition mode fighting for your dollars. There are many opportunities to save big on Prime Day kitchen appliance sales right now. It’s probably safe to guess that many people learned to cook during 2020 because they hadn’t much choice. Cooking is such a central part of family life, with immediate appreciation and feedback, many find it surprisingly rewarding. Others are intrigued by what they learned and want to go further, expanding their cooking range and skills. Like any hobby or passion, especially when it’s a new one, it’s easy to find products and accessories the extend your opportunities.

While you’re shopping Amazon for Prime Day kitchen appliance deals, especially if you’re looking for a bargain on a gift, you’re sure to notice that specific appliance categories have loads of deals. You’re likely to find a good selection of deal offers for the following appliances:

  • Instant Pots: Other companies make multifunction pressure cookers, but you wouldn’t know it by the overwhelming popularity of Instant Pot’s many models and deals. Cooking appliance and gadget fads often come and go within a single season, but Instant Pot continues its dominance year after year. You can find Instant Pots in different sizes and varying features with sale prices ranging from about $50 to near $200.
  • Air fryers: Air fryers are another example of a relatively new kitchen appliance that caught on in a big way and continues to sell in great numbers. Many brands of air fryers are on sale, including Dash, Ninja, Cosori, Chefman, Cuisinart, Breville, and even Instant Pot. Sizes and functions vary in this category of healthy cookers.
  • Blenders: Blenders have been a kitchen countertop appliance staple for decades. Newer models include immersion blenders, blenders that also cook, blenders that double as juicers, and many more.
  • Single-serve coffee makers: Keurig rules in single-serve coffee makers, but Nespresso is another big brand. The speed, convenience, and vast selection of different types and brands of coffee and other hot beverages ensure this brand’s continued popularity.
  • Coffee/espresso machine: Espresso machines are no longer dominated by huge, complex devices that cost multiple thousands of dollars. You can still spend thousands if you wish, but we found find espresso machines and combination espresso and coffee makers for just a few hundred dollars.
  • Pizza maker: Pizza makers aren’t huge sellers yet, but we’ve noticed an increase in brands and designs for people who want to make their pies at home. Some pizza makers are combination appliances that also toast, roast, and bake food. Still, others are single-purpose designs that may cost twice the price of a combo appliance but are more likely to please pizza aficionados.

How to Choose a New Kitchen Appliance on Prime Day

Planning ahead prior to any big sale is always a good idea and if you have your select model list ready, then jump in and start racking up those Prime Day savings. We suggest hopping onto Amazon first for Prime Day because, well, it’s Amazon and the online mega-merchant carries and has Prime Day kitchen appliance sales on a multitude of brands and models of all types of useful devices. You can also save even more on Prime Day kitchen appliance deals on refurbished appliances devices if you find them.

Strategy, planning, and sticking to your budget can help your search for Prime Day kitchen appliance deals. Be aware that all deals are not equal. Lightning deals, flash deals, and other forms of time-limited or limited quantity sales can indeed include excellent deals, but they are also a proven way to move out-of-date or tired inventory. We suggest shopping deals in regular categories and pages for your major purchases. If you enjoy shopping and taking a risk, maybe reserve a little bit of money to check out the time-limited deals for extras.

Whether you are on a targeted mission for one or two types of kitchen appliances or if you just like to browse, you can’t put it off if you want the very best Prime Day kitchen appliance deals. Prime Day is here and the deals are amazing, so start shopping for the best selections, fastest delivery times, and often the best prices.

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