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Best Prime Day Instant Pot Deals for 2022: The Best Sales You Can Still Shop

Prime Day 2021 Instant Pot Deals

Unfortunately, Prime Day has come to an end. The good news is there is still an after-sale event happening right now if you still want some amazing Prime Day deals. If you’re looking for an Instant Pot product, you’ve come to the right place. However, you’ll need to jump on these deals because they’re getting grabbed up fast.

The Instant Pot line of products has some of the most versatile cooking appliances you can own. You can pressure-cook meals in just minutes, slow-cook one-pot meals for hours, and everything in between. However, there are some things to consider when choosing which Instant Pot deal is the best one for you to buy during the Prime Day after-sales. We’ll touch on those in detail so you pick the most suitable model for your needs.

Although Instant Pots can perform many cooking functions, they can’t do everything. You’ll need tools to prep your meal as well. Check out the best Prime Day kitchen appliance deals we found. We also found the best Prime Day knife deals to help slice and dice your way to savings. You can also check out the plethora of savings available at the Walmart Deals for Days sale.

But whatever you do, don’t sleep on these deals. If you wait around, they’ll be gone before you know it.

Best Prime Day Instant Pot Deals Still Available

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Instant Omni Plus

$225 $250
A 10-in-1 version of your favorite small appliance, this one doubles as a small convection oven and toaster oven. more
This family-sized Instant Pot has 15 one-touch preprogrammed buttons to make cooking easier. It's a 9-in-1 kitchen convenience supported by cooks worldwide. more
Watch your meal as it air fries, roasts, broils, bakes, reheats, or dehydrates with the ClearCook window and internet light. Minimal preheating time with one-touch smart programs for popular foods. more
With an air fryer lid providing a slew of new cooking features in the kitchen, the Instant Pot Duo Crisp is a marvelous tool for any home chef, combining 11 different ways to cook in one package. more
Get rid of all those hefty kitchen appliances with the Instant Pot Duo Plus 8-quart pressure cooker, filled to the brim with every method of cooking any average home chef could ever need. more
This model pressure cooks up to 15 psi and adds sous vide cooking to the function mix. Six-quart Instant Pots are the right size for up to 6 people. more
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This Instant Pot has 11 functions, including a pressure cooker, air fryer, rice cooker, and dehydrator. more

Should You Buy an Instant Pot in a Last-Minute Prime Day Sale?

The short answer is yes, of course. However, if you’re the type that needs convincing, that shouldn’t be hard to do. After all, Instant Pots are one of the most sought-after kitchen appliances out there, and for many good reasons.

Kitchen gadgets/small appliances were one of the hottest product categories during Prime Day. To that point, Instant Pot has five different product lines: Pressure cookers, blenders, air fryers, rice cookers, and multi-cookers. We’ll dive into each one a bit later and the features of each. But, as far as trying to get a great deal on any of the models within the Instant Pot product line, Prime Day is your best bet.

The next time online deals like these will come around will likely be Black Friday, and there are two main reasons you don’t want to wait until then. One, being an Amazon Prime member, deals are exclusive to you. Meaning, you have a much better chance of securing a discount on the product you want than if you waited until Black Friday when deals are available to everyone. Two, if you wait until Black Friday, you won’t have your Instant Pot around to help make cooking easier during Thanksgiving. We say, take advantage of the Prime Day sales, get your Instant Pot now, so you have some time to experiment with it, then when the holidays roll around, you’ll be an Instant Pot pro.

Speaking of the holidays, any Instant Pot product would make a great gift. Why not take advantage of the great Prime Day deals now and stock up on Christmas gifts for your friends and family? You may have to clear out some space in the attic to store them away for a few months, but your future self will be thanking you. Not only because you got the shopping out of the way early, but because you saved mucho dinero.

How to Choose a New Instant Pot After Prime Day

When shopping for an Instant Pot product, you need to ask yourself what is the main cooking feature you’re after. Buy now, you’ve probably realized that many product functions cross over into multiple product categories. Meaning, there are pressure cookers that air fry. Some air-fryers can bake, as well as multi-cookers. The number of features that Instant Pot products have, although convenient and thoughtful, can become overwhelming when deciding which product you should actually buy.

A good rule of thumb is making a top-three list of features you’re looking for in your Instant Pot. Whichever the number one feature is, look to see if that product category exists, then shop that category. If not, move down to number two, then three, and so on. Chances are that there will be a product category for at least one of your top-three desired features. Now let’s break down each Instant product category and its capabilities.

Pressure Cookers

Pressure cookers are one of Instant Pot’s top-selling product categories and one of the most sought-after on Prime Day. All Instant Pot pressure cookers accelerate the cooking times of dishes up to 70% faster than traditional cooking methods. All models also have easy, one-touch cooking programs for things like poultry, soup, or yogurt. If you’re looking for the Instant Pot with the most features, the Duo Crisp offers 11 pre-programmed cooking features and can be converted into an air fryer. However, there are features not included in the Duo Crisp that are included in others,  like Wi-Fi functionality in the Smart Wi-Fi pressure cooker, or the ability for customizable programs like in the Duo Evo Plus, where you can customize up to 48 cooking time and temperature settings.


Blenders are an Instant Pot category that doesn’t have the product feature crossover capabilities as the others do. Essentially because you but a blender for one job: To blend. There are two models of Instant Pot Blenders; the Ace Nova and the Ace Plus. Each model is designed with a specific task in mind. The Ace Nova is best for frozen desserts, while the Ace Plus is best for nut butters. Although that’s not all they’re good for, whichever type of blending you think you’ll be doing more of, you should lean towards that model.

Air Fryers

Air Fryers are another big moneymaker for Instant Pot. Two air fryer models are designed with air-frying as their primary purpose; the Vortex and the Vortex Plus. Yet, in classic Instant Pot style, each model is capable of other cooking functions. Both can also bake, roast, and reheat. But, the Vortex Plus can also dehydrate and broil. Instant Pot also has a series of compact and combination ovens that can air fry along with an array of other capabilities. As mentioned, the Duo Crisp pressure cooker also has air-frying capabilities. However, if air-frying is all you’re really looking for, stick with the Vortex or the Vortex Plus. You can save some money by cutting back on the features.

Rice Cookers

The Instant Pot Zest rice cooker cooking line is designed with perfect rice and grain cooking in mind with the push of a button. They range from a standard 8-cup capacity to a large 20-cup capacity. They all can steam and sauté veggies, fish, and other foods. If you enjoy healthy cooking methods and are a fan of ancient grains, the Zest cooking line could be for you.


If you simply can’t decide which cooking feature is most important to you, choose a multi-cooker and have them all. The Instant Pot multi-cookers come in two models; the Aura and the Aura Pro. You can slow cook, sauté, roast, bake, steam, stew, make rice/grains, use as a warmer, and make yogurt in these highly functional devices. You can even make a cake in the Aura, while in the Aura Plus you can sous vide. Although they live in the air fryer category, the Instant Pot Vortex and Omni ovens are also multi-cookers of sorts. They utilize dry heat cooking methods and have some features like dehydrate, broil, rotisserie, and toast. The wet-cooking Aura models don’t.

We know this is a lot of info to process, but hopefully it will help you figure out which Instant Pot product is best suited for you among the last remaining Prime Day deals. Also, this Instant Pot comparison chart is a helpful tool that breaks down all products and their features. Happy shopping!

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