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Best Prime Day Grill Deals for 2021: The Best Grill Deals Still Available

Believe it or not, you can still get last-minute Prime Day deals on the best grills on the market. That means if you’ve waited to jump on these great deals, your window is open but it’s closing — fast! But don’t worry; there are still a lot of deals available.

With tens of thousands of different last-minute Prime Day deals out there, even as the clock winds down, it can feel pretty overwhelming to figure out which deal is best for you. That’s why we’ve narrowed down the best remaining Prime Day deals, and here we are focusing on the best last-second Prime Day grill deals right now. It really is the time to focus on making your selection while sellers still have stock on hand! If you don’t find what you’re looking for below, be sure to also check out the ongoing Walmart Deals for Days sale before it’s over.

If you’re looking to buy a new grill, whether for your yard, camping, or for all your smoking needs, we’ve got all the best prices here. We also have some great buying advice on how to choose a grill on Prime Day, as well as whether or not now is the right time for you to make a purchase.

Of course, there are plenty of other great last-minute Prime Day deals going on, which is why we’ve also taken a look at them, too. We’ve got the best remaining Prime Day camping deals if you’re looking to buy new camping equipment to go alongside your new portable grill. We’ve also taken a look at the best last-second Prime Day kitchen appliance deals if you’re thinking of having a grilling session at home and could do with some extra assistance. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered.

Best Prime Day Grill Deals Still Available

Cuisinart tabletop propane grill with 277 square inches of cooking surface and two burners with a total of 20,000 BTUs. At 22 pounds, it is sized right for tailgating. Hooks up to a 20-pound tank.
Combination 5-in-1 Ninja Foodi can bake, roast, air fry, dehydrate, and grill. No need to flip food with Surround Searing which promises even cooking.
This portable gas grill is great for barbecuing at the big game, cooking on a camping trip or grilling in your own backyard. Featuring collapsible, two-wheeled design for easy transportation.
Get a heavy-duty and lightweight grill from Meco, such as the Americana Portable Grill. There's no hassle in bringing it anywhere you hold a party or other outdoor events.
This space-saving grill makes food good for three to four people at a time. It is very convenient as you can bring it to any family grill party.
Char-Broil's two-burner, 24,000 BTU propane grill has a 300-square-inch primary cast iron cooking surface and a 100-square-inch porcelain-coated grate. Fold-away sides lend compact convenience.
This charcoal grill by Cuisinart has a 150-square-inch cooking area measuring 14 inches across for a balanced mix between portability and functionality, complete with a firebox and ash catcher.
This grill has 568 square inches of cooking area and includes cast iron grates enameled in porcelain, which makes them durable option that conduct and retain heat better than stainless steel.
Weber 2-burner propane grill with 356-square-inch cooking surface. Porcelain-enabled cast iron cooking grates, built-in gas gauge and thermometer, and left side folding shelf.
This grill holds up to 13 burgers and has a built-in lid thermometer. One-touch cleaning system with high-capacity ash catcher provides easy cleanup.
If you want to grill while saving space and gas, this Weber Q1400 electric grill has a cooking area of 180 square inches with a 6-foot-long grounded cord and a stylish aesthetic.
This model pellet grill and smoker is a 2021 upgrade with 8-in-1 functions and automatic temperature control. 700 square inches cooking space.
Make your house party perfect by serving dishes cooked in this five-burner liquid propane grill. There's no need to preheat because of its quick start-up feature.
The Weber Jumbo Joe charcoal grill spans an enormous 18 inches, allowing it to cook up to eight burgers at the same time while still managing to stay portable enough to take anywhere on the go.
Get this 2021 upgrade for the Z Grills model ZPg-700D. Bronze case with 8-in-1 functionality plus a free cover.
Portable gas grill by Cuisinart with 240-square-inch cast iron grill surface and a single 15,000 BTU burner with electric ignition. Folding shelves on either side keep your food prep close at hand.
You can easily carry this charcoal grill, making it perfect for picnics, camping, and more. It's built with wooden handles, so no worries of burning your hands.
Can't handle the heat? Take the kitchen outside with the Royal Gourmet Deluxe propane gas grill, ready to cook up to 23 burgers with four burners and an extra side burner and table within arm's reach.
This grill has a built-in thermometer to control the temperature and make the best out of your favorite grilled meat. It is designed with extra space for easy storage.
This Outsunny charcoal grill can cater to all your barbecue needs. It's designed with storage shelves, so you can easily reach utensils, food, and other accessories.
Save even more with last year's model, a 2020 upgrade to this versatile 8-in-1 grill and smoker. 700 square inches cooking space.
Turn your backyard into a five-star kitchen with this Weber Genesis II S-435 natural gas grill, equipped with four burners, a side burner, a warming rack, a built-in thermostat, and a side table.
Electric-powered for indoor searing with temperatures up to 450 degrees with 1,200 watts. A generous 118-square inches of cooking surface will feed a family. Easy to clean with a large drip pan.
Enjoy restaurant-style smoky meat flavor with this wood pellet grill. You can clean this hassle-free with its easy ash removal feature. Enjoy your grilled food and indulge in every bite.
Have you been dreaming of cooking with a wood pellet grill? Make that dream a reality with this deal for $100 off a Traeger.
This propane grill is portable as it can be adjusted into three height levels. You can save gas compared to a full-sized grill. Bring it anywhere and have a perfect grill party.

Should you buy a new grill with a Last-Minute Prime Day Deal?

In a word, yes! Assuming you need one, of course. Thanks to the recently concluded Prime Day sales this month, if you buy a new grill now, you can spend all summer long cooking outdoors and reaping all the benefits of your shiny new grill. That’s way more tempting than waiting until Black Friday where the sales may be good but it’s likely you won’t actually want to cook outside any time soon.

Of course, it’s important that you actually need a new grill. If your existing grill is working just fine for you, it doesn’t matter how good even the remaining Prime Day grill deals are. You should save your money until you actually need a new grill. However, if you’re tempted to upgrade your existing setup or you’re new to grilling then Prime Day is a good time to check out what’s there.

Potentially, you may see better discounts on grills during Black Friday but there are disadvantages there. For one thing, you’ll need to save using it until the cooler months. That’s a massive disadvantage, but also you may need to watch out for inventory issues. With everyone keen to be prepared this summer, you may find that waiting until the fall leads to reduced grill stock as Amazon focuses its warehouse storage on other products that are more likely to sell during the colder times of the year.

Prime Day generally has pretty good discounts so you can save a lot by buying right now. Just keep an eye out for discounts that are more incremental in nature than anything else as these can seem pretty tempting but actually not be a good deal.

It’s also worth checking that you’re not buying a grill that’s dated. Sure, grill technology doesn’t change quickly but an older model can lack a more ergonomic design or useful features that newer options provide. Also, you want to buy something you can show off, right?

Finally, buying now means you can spread the cost a bit. With Black Friday right in the middle of the holiday season, you’re probably already needing to budget for that time of year. Buy now and you can pay off the grill at a time when your expenditure is probably much lower than if you need to buy multiple gifts or holiday food in time for the big occasions of the year.

How to choose a grill with Last-Minute Prime Day Deals

New to grilling? It can feel overwhelming knowing how to choose the right grill with just a select few last-minute Prime Day grill sales out there. With so many on offer and so many to choose from, how can you know what’s right for you? Initially, it’s important to think about what you’re trying to achieve.

The key options come down to charcoal or gas cooking. Charcoal is much slower but you get a nice smoky taste to your food and the extra flavor is fantastic. However, the cleaning involved tends to be pretty messy and far from appealing. Alternatively, gas is much faster because it heats up quickly but there’s no traditional BBQ flavor which may make you feel a little cheated. Still, speed is useful in many situations. We’ve taken a look at the best charcoal grills in particular as we love the smokiness it provides.

Alternatively, you may be looking for the best portable grills or the best camping grills to take on your travels with you. You need to really think about your plans. Are you looking for a grill for your yard? Don’t worry about camping grills or portability then, but if you want a simple setup to take camping then these can help a ton.

There are other options out there too such as the best smokers and smoker-grill combos. These are great if you want to make your food extra smoky or you’re new to pellet grilling as this process often makes it simple to cook great meals that feel a lot more impressive.

Whatever you decide to go with, all of them have some overlap to consider. You’ll need to think about what size works for you. If you’re just planning on grilling for you and one or two other people then a small grill will suit your needs. However, if you’re planning on hosting big family cookouts, it’s vital you buy a grill that fits all the meat you plan on cooking. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself having to wait around a long time to get everything cooked and prepped. Having shelves on either side of the grill is super useful for providing you with more storage space, too, so bear that in mind when considering a purchase.

We also recommend consulting customer reviews beforehand as these will tend to give you some insight into general day-to-day use. They may let you know of any potential issues, too, such as with the build of the grill or simply with how to get started.

As always, think about your budget as it’s possible to spend thousands of dollars on a grill. That doesn’t mean that everyone needs to, though. In many cases, a moderately priced grill will suit all but the most dedicated of BBQ fans or those who plan on hosting the biggest parties. Don’t be tempted by features or a size that you simply won’t take advantage of. It’s just not worth it.

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