BBQ Trends Just in Time for Summer

bbq trends just time summer
Although summer is still officially a few weeks away, Memorial Day signifies the start of the season. Last Monday, people around the country dusted off their barbeque covers and lit up their grills, savoring juicy cuts of meat and fresh produce. BBQ trends change from year to year. Here are a few things to look for in 2014:

Wood Grilling

The hottest trend at restaurants is coming to a home near you. Wood grilling, most easily done with a special wood-burning grill (Grillworks makes one of the best), is the hottest trend of the year. But you can get the same effect without the added expense of buying a new piece of equipement. Just light wood planks over charcoal to produce a smoky and rich flavor. It takes campfire cooking to a whole new level.

Unusual Food for the Grill

While beef and pork are still kings of the cue, why not try another kind of meat? Octopus, rabbit and wild boar are all good options for the grill and will add a unique taste to your next gathering. For dessert, try grilled peaches or bananas, which have long been a staple of backyard parties in parts of the South. Enjoy the carmelized flavor with a side of ice cream on a hot day.

Pizza ovens are still a hot trend because they can be used to cook more than just pizza.

Pizza Ovens

A backyard party isn’t a backyard party without a pizza oven. Americans have a love affair with pizza, so instead of ordering one from a local Italian eatery, make your own at home. Mugnaini has been making pizza ovens for years and offers indoor models as well as outdoor ones for home use. Pizza ovens aren’t just for pizza, however. Smart cooks use them to make bread, pastries and roasted vegetables, among other items.

bbq-bear-claws-xlBear Claws/Paws

If there is one accessory you buy this summer it has to be the bear claw/paw. Yes, they look silly but they are one of the most useful tools for the cue and also one of the least expensive. Made of plastic, the claws become an extension of your hand, allowing for easy food removal and handling on the grill, without the burn. They can also be used to pull pork and other meats in less than no time.

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