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This $550,000 Vacation Comes With Unlimited Tequila, Cigars, and the World’s Most Interesting Man


A bottle of Don Julio Real will run you $350, but if that’s not hype enough for you this National Tequila Day (Tuesday, July 24), why not drop $550,000 on the most epic tequila-inspired vacation of all time?

The former Most Interesting Man in the World, Jonathan Goldsmith, wants to celebrate your shared love of tequila and luxury by agave-ing and dining you on an extravagant trip. Hot air balloon ride? Heck yes. A sailing trip? Sure, skippy! Drinking tequila with a hand-rolled cigar in hand? Obviously.

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Goldsmith and Astral Tequila are taking applicants for The Most Interesting Trip in the World, a 10-person weekend getaway featuring a private flight to an undisclosed location; Mexican cigars; a staff featuring a personal mixologist, photographer, and social media advisor; plenty of room to do activities; and unlimited Astral Tequila.

Un. Limited. That applies to the cigars as well.

The weekend is here my friends. Pour yourself a glass. #ThisCallsforTequila

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The weekend is a celebration of Goldsmith’s favorite things (which just so happen to be ours as well). If you’ve got the cheddar to drop on this crazy tequila adventure (think of it this way: the price of admission is just $55,000 for you and nine of your buddies), bring your best grooming supplies because Astral’s professional photographer will be crouching starboard to capture you in all your glory. The best image from the trip will be turned into a meme by Astral.

During the vacay, you’ll also get intimate lessons from Goldsmith on “how to stay interesting” because while binge-watching season two of Queer Eye with three boxes of mac and cheese is fun, it is not so interesting.

Goldsmith really does hit all the criteria for the most interesting man in the world, having traveled the world over, saved “a couple lives,” survived hurricanes, summited mountains, and being the personal guest of Barack Freaking Obama at Camp David and the White House. Don’t believe us? Here’s our full interview with the legend himself.

So, interested in being more interesting and drinking unlimited tequila? Contact Astral’s “Head of Exclusive and Extravagant Experience” (yep, that’s a job) and empty your bank account.

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