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This Portable Dip Station, Now on Sale, Will Make Your Arms Pop


Point your mouse to the gun show, aka Amazon Prime Day deals, which currently has the Sportsroyals Dip Station 28% off. When not in use, it tucks out of the way at the size of a laundry rack. But spend a few minutes a day with it, and you’ll see your arms swell. Horseshoe triceps. Peaking biceps. Whether you’re pulling, pushing, grunting, or sweating, the Dip Station will get you big results fast.

Made from cold-rolled, oval-shaped steel pipe (doesn’t that just sound appropriate), the Dip Station is built for even the biggest guys, supporting up to 400 pounds of man. It also provides six different handgrips between its two halves for the greatest amount of exercise variety, as well as three different height settings, from 30 to 38 inches, ensuring that even the tallest guys won’t whack their knees on the way down. Even if you’re as tall as 6 foot 8, your knees won’t touch the floor.

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The ingenuity of its two-piece design allows you to adjust the angle of the bars from parallel to acute and obtuse. The result, beyond comfort and injury avoidance in your shoulders, is the ability to hit every head in your triceps for more uniform muscular development and definition. Just shift it a few inches either way to tap previously unrecruited muscle to feel the burn and see the results.

We get it: You don’t live in a professional fitness studio. For those in older buildings whose floors are, shall we say, less than true, the Dip Station’s feet are adjustable, allowing you to tailor it to lie perfectly on your imperfect surface. Just turn the individual pinions until all of the feet fully contact the floor and you’re ready to get to work.

Sure, many will use the Dip Station for its namesake dips, which tap the chest, triceps, and core muscles for big results. But if you think that’s all it’s good for, you’re only scratching the surface. The device can also use it for pull-up variants, single-leg lunges, inverted push-ups, and a host of other exercises, tapping the entire body. It’s an essential piece of home workout equipment, and likes others on its level, it tucks away easily when not in use. It’s the perfect addition to your lockdown home gym.

For those looking to maximize their at-home workouts, dip bars are as essential as dumbbells, a jump rope, a water bottle, and a yoga mat. Are you serious about your fitness? Are you even more serious about not paying for a gym membership? Then dip bars like those made by Sportsroyals are must-haves. Thanks to Amazon Prime, you can save a bundle if you hurry. When people ask you where you work out, you can point the way. Go ahead. You know the pose.

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