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Your Old Gym Bag Stinks. This Puma Duffel Is an Easy Upgrade


Rejoice, ye who have been unenthused at the thought of YouTube circuit workouts and expensive in-home workout equipment: After a year of shuttered doors and dimmed lights, gyms around the country are reopening at breakneck speed. So if your favorite box, fitness center, or studio has sent its announcement email out and has flung its doors wide open, it’s time to ditch that old gym bag and spring for the , which is on sale for half off right now through Amazon Prime in the runup to Prime Day deals.

Gym bags, over time, start to stink. That’s not an individual judgment on hygiene or grooming; rather, it’s a reality of anything that holds sweaty, stinky gear day after day after day. After all, you don’t blame a trash can for smelling gamey, do you? But unlike a trash can, which can be hauled outside and disinfected with Clorox, there’s no good way to wash gym bags, which are generally too big for your building’s washing machine and might mess them up if you were to stuff them in anyway. The only option, then, is to use yours until it starts making clean clothes smell dirty and your gym buddies start to turn their heads. Then, ditch it and upgrade. And this Puma duffel is certainly an upgrade.

The Contender, which is 100% breathable polyester, features multiple zippered pockets outside and inside to keep your small, fine gear organized. It also features a zippered shoe compartment, which is super handy at keeping grime on your running footwear from migrating onto your running shirt and shorts. A padded bottom offers some protection for objects that can be damaged in transit, including tennis rackets, electronics, and bottled supplements. Finally, it has two carry options, including a shoulder strap for cross-body fans or webbing handles for the traditional duffel carry. A big two-way zipper provides easy access and clear visibility of its contents.

Another thing we like: While plenty of sales are only available for a single color, there are more than 10 different options for this bag alone. Granted, color isn’t everything, and no man should be thinking about which duffel brings out the color in his eyes. But having your pick of the litter (provided you hurry) is a rarity for something like this, and for the discerning man, he’ll appreciate it.

It’s been a long year for group fitness fans and rec-league competitors. The same goes for those for whom classes were the key to their workout fortunes. But thankfully the U.S. is reopening after a season of closures, and so, before you return to the gym, it’s time to freshen up that dingy gym bag. The Puma Evercat Contender Duffel Bag is incredibly functional and laughably affordable through Amazon Prime right now. It should be the first stop before you schedule your next class.

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