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Lifehack: Buy This Indoor Bike Through Amazon Prime to Save Thousands


Here’s one thing that Peloton, Echelon, and NordicTrack don’t emphasize: You don’t actually need their bikes. Nope, any indoor bike will do, including the very, very affordable Indoor Cycling Bike by Pooboo, which is on sale right now in the early Prime Day deals. Once this well-apportioned machine arrives at your home and is set up and fully adjusted, you can suspend your iPad nearby and take your favorite classes, with only slightly less biometric data than you’d get with much more expensive machines. Because the secret is this: Trainers power these companies, not machines, and if do it right, you can spend much less and achieve the same results.

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First, there is absolutely a benefit to buying a NordicTrack, ProForm, Echelon, or Peloton machine if you’re planning on using the iFit, Echelon, or Peloton class system. These companies’ bikes integrate smoothly with their workouts, and some even change resistance based on the workout itself. Don’t get us wrong; that can be incredibly useful, and for some, it’s worth the extra money. But in order to get these seamless integrations, you have to literally spend thousands of dollars, then pay an additional monthly fee for the platform and workouts. Let us offer an alternative: Just buy a bike like the above, pay your favorite trainer’s company by the month, and follow along with the workouts. You’ll only sacrifice the smallest real-time feedback, and while you get skinnier, your bank account will remain fat.

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Of course, this Pooboo bike is very nice. Its steel frame and wide platform make it very stable and sturdy, while the drive belt is surprisingly quiet, making it ideal for apartments, condos, duplexes, and other close-quarters living situations. Roommate asleep? As long as you’re not grunting too loud, you can still get in your workout. Bikes like these are the mainstay of many gym-based spin classes around the U.S.

Once you’re in the saddle of the Pooboo bike, its two-way adjustable handlebars allow for the perfect fit, while a nonslip grip ensures you’re secure in and out of the saddle. Its padded seat and post adjust between size 25 and 35 inseams, which is generous enough for most, while the broad range of resistances, increased or decreased with the twist of knob, is effective although admittedly not elegant. But, again, you’re saving a ton of money here, and it’s a small sacrifice.

An LCD display measures time, speed, distance, calories, and pulse, but many will prefer to use external devices like heart rate monitors or fitness wearables for the most accurate measurements of these latter metrics. This is common on even the higher-end exercise bikes, and, again, with the thousands you’re saving, you can easily afford a specialty made one like those by Polar, Wahoo, or Scosche. Treat yo’ self.

At the end of the day, workouts on indoor cycling bikes are private activities that become public as part of a community. But the community itself, which drives you to push beyond your perceived limits, is the most important part. Forget the expensive bikes. This one will get you where you want to be.

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