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New high-end, at-home sauna uses light and sound to take you beyond sweat

A luxury home sauna that looks great, too

Arc Sauna in a nordic home.

Wellness technology is about to get a whole lot more exciting. We have already seen some groundbreaking new releases, and the Arc Sauna is definitely one of them. This high-end, at-home sauna was created by Whipsaw and Ancient Ritual, and it’s redefining the concept of personal well-being. Saunas have many science-backed benefits, such as improved sleep, burned calories, and increased circulation, so we’re excited to see how the Arc Sauna optimizes the user experience.

Unlike traditional and infrared saunas, the Arc Sauna offers a “smart” multi-sensory experience, combining heat, light, sound, and mindfulness programming, all personalized to your unique preferences. Let’s delve into why the Arc Sauna is not just about sweating out toxins but about your holistic health journey.

Arc Sauna in a room with closed doors.

How the Arc Sauna transforms wellness practices

The Arc Sauna stands out in the wellness market due to its multifaceted approach to health. It’s the world’s first experiential sauna that provides an all-encompassing health system, delivering more comprehensive treatments in a single session. These include:

  • Heat therapy
  • Chromotherapy (Light Therapy)
  • Color therapy
  • Sound healing
  • Breathwork
  • Meditation

One of the most innovative aspects of the Arc Sauna is its use of empathy-centered AI technology. This cutting-edge feature personalizes your wellness journey by analyzing your voice, health data, and schedule while you are inside the sauna. The sauna can generate bespoke content on-demand, responding to your verbal cues to create a session that’s tailored specifically for you.

Arc Sauna will also include some sauna essentials like:

  • A sanctuary chair with sweat-wicking, easy-to-clean fabric
  • In-unit controller
  • Auto-safety shutdown
  • Guest seating

The Arc Sauna is designed to get better over time, so the more you use it, the more you’ll get out of it. With their Arc+ subscription, you’ll have access to over-the-air updates that will introduce new features, content, and functionality as they improve their system.

Where to purchase the Arc Sauna

For those looking to elevate their home wellness routine, the Arc Sauna might be just the thing. Available in two sophisticated colors, Natural Oak and Ebony Black, it fits seamlessly into most home décor. Its dimensions are fairly accommodating at 78 inches tall, 60 inches wide, and 36 inches deep. It also has lighting that makes it seem larger than it is.

A $500 deposit is required to secure an Arc Sauna, with shipping commencing in the summer of 2024. The pricing ranges from $9,995 to $12,500, depending on your chosen configuration. Reservations are by invite only, but you can request an invite code from customer service at the Ancient Ritual website. This exclusivity is because the company is still manufaturing units in small batches in order to focus on quality.

The Arc Sauna’s release is a pivotal moment for the wellness and technology industries. It demonstrates the potential for technology to craft bespoke health experiences. For those who prioritize their well-being, the Arc Sauna offers a revolutionary way to integrate holistic health practices into everyday life.

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