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This Massage Gun Deal at Walmart Puts Amazon Prime Day Sales to Shame

FitRX Massage Gun

The Prime Day deals are back on for the summer (and even a few weeks earlier than usual) after last year’s delay, bringing discounts on everything from electronic gadgets and home appliances to clothing and fashion accessories. Big-box retailers other than Amazon are rolling out their own bargains, too, and the Walmart Prime Day sale has some discounts that might even put Prime Day to shame. One of our favorites is this screaming hot deal on the FitRx massage gun, which can be yours for just $42 right now after a $37 discount.


When it comes to fitness and health, your body’s recovery time is every bit as important as your exercise routine — maybe even more important, in fact, considering that it’s during these recovery periods that your body is rebuilding the tissues (namely your muscles) that were stressed during your workout. Sleep and nutrition are key here, but in recent years many athletes and other fitness-conscious people have come to realize that tissue massage also plays a vital role in post-workout recovery. That’s where the FitRx massage gun comes in.

You’ve probably seen how popular foam rollers have become and you may even know someone who swears by them. But foam rollers can be awkward to use even when you’re not worn out and sore after a workout, and the FitRx massage gun is a better option for targeting those tight trigger points — or for simply enjoying a relaxing massage when you’re feeling a little tense. The handheld rechargeable massage gun includes four head attachments: a flat head, a large round head, a narrow precision head, and a dual-pronged head (purpose-made for working around the spine). These various attachments allow you to more easily target specific trouble areas around your body to deliver a deep tissue massage for pain relief, post-workout muscle recovery, or just simple relaxation.

There are massage guns out there that cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars, but the Walmart Deals for Days sale is your chance to add this versatile handheld tool to your post-workout recovery routine on the cheap: A $37 Prime Day markdown knocks the FitRx massage gun down to just $42 for a limited time. That includes the USB recharging cable and handy carrying case.

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