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Best Prime Day Kettlebell Deals for 2021: The Best Sales You Can Still Shop

Gyms may be open again but if you’re not quite ready to venture back and work out side-by-side with strangers, you can build out your at-home gym instead with Prime Day deals aplenty. These Prime Day kettlebell deals really are a solid last-minute option available now, as Prime Day has ended (and yet deals still are out there). Act quickly, because kettlebells are a great way to add weight training to your fitness routine, especially if you lack the space or budget for larger equipment. And don’t forget to check out the Walmart Deals for Days sale which is still going strong through today.

This year’s last-minute Amazon Prime Day deals are in the final hours and we won’t be seeing these feature discounts on a variety of workout equipment, including kettlebells for quite some time. Keep reading for our picks of the best Prime Day kettlebell deals that you need to get now before it’s too late. If you’re new to free-weight training, we also have some tips on purchasing the right set of kettlebells for your fitness needs below. You have to act fast though because the final day is here and these deals won’t last.

Now is a great time to build up your home gym since Amazon Prime Day sales, even after the event, feature deals on all types of equipment. If you’re eyeing some heavy-duty equipment, have a look at the best Prime Day fitness deals or the best Prime Day exercise bike deals. You can also diversify your free weight collection by browsing the best Prime Day dumbbell deals. Don’t forget about post-workout recovery — take a look at the best Prime Day massage gun deals for offers on various models and makes.

Best Prime Day Kettlebell Deals Still Available

Get your workout fix at home with this RitFit kettlebell. You can adjust the weight from 10lbs to 25lbs depending on your needs. It's also made from plastic shell, which won't leave floor marks. more
Durably made of eco-friendly and rust-resistant cast iron, this kettlebell is made to endure and last for a lifetime of workouts more
Unlike your typical kettlebells, this once can track down your progress with a state-of-the-art, AI-powered KettlebellConnect. more
A solid cast iron construction makes this kettlebell tough enough to survive daily use. Its handle is easy and comfortable to hold. more
If you're just starting and looking for the lightest kettlebell, opt for this 5-pound one. It's made from solid cast iron, so you know that it's long-lasting. Just be careful when slamming it! more
Turn your dumbbells into kettlebells with these nifty detachable, rubber-coated, easy-to-carry grips. more
Train your body rigorously yet comfortably with this concave-designed kettlebells by Fitness Gear. more
Whether you're doing daily squats or HIIT, this 10-pound kettlebell is a reliable product. Comes with an ergonomic handle, you can lift and swing it with no problem. more
Workout safely and efficiently with this Bionic Body kettlebell with its heavy-duty and soft materials as well as its large handle for a superior grip. more
This kettlebell boasts adjustable weight settings so it can adapt to however you need it depending on your workout. The handle is not only ergonomic but also wide enough to be used with two hands. more
Why have just one kettlebell when you can have three in one set for your home exercises? Store them anywhere easily as well thanks to a base rack that comes with them. more
TECHMOO's water-filled adjustable kettlebells are designed for muscle and balance exercise by using water for different levels of training intensity. more

Should You Buy a New Kettlebell on Prime Day

If you’re looking to grab a new set of kettlebells right now, these last-minute Amazon Prime Day deals on kettlebells are an exceptionally good time to buy. The discounts from last year’s Prime Day kettlebell sales were modest — around 10% off. It’s much of the same story this year; however, considering how pricey a set of kettlebells can be, any savings you can score right now will be worth it.

Of course, if you’re not in a hurry to purchase kettlebells, January sales tend to yield stronger prices on all sorts of exercise equipment since retailers know people are eager to get in shape during the new year. That said, the best time to buy a set of kettlebells is when you need them. If that’s now, you can certainly take advantage of what this year’s last-second Prime Day kettlebell sales have to offer and walk away having saved quite a bit of cash.

Prime Day may be exclusive to Amazon and its Prime members, but this week isn’t exclusive to Amazon sales, and plenty are still around this very moment. Once again, major retailers like Walmart and Target are running concurrent sales to compete with Prime Day deals. If you’re not an Amazon Prime member, you can shop around and find bargains from this week’s other ongoing sales. Another advantage to buying from a big-box store is the ease of returns; it’s less of a hassle to drive a set of kettlebells back to a nearby retail location for a quick exchange or refund.

How to Choose Kettlebells with a Last-Minute Prime Day Deal

When shopping this year’s last-minute Prime Day kettlebell deals, keep your fitness level in mind. If you’re brand new to kettlebell workouts or lifting in general, the recommended starting weight for men is 35 pounds (18 pounds for women). Of course, everyone is different; you’ll want a weight that provides enough resistance without being too heavy to handle properly.

The kettlebell workouts you intend to do will also influence the size of the weights you should buy. For example, some of the best kettlebell workouts call for heavier kettlebells which are optimal for building muscle fast. If your goal is to lose fat, low-weight kettlebells will do. Once again, make sure you choose a weight that’s heavy enough to provide resistance without being difficult for you to maneuver.

There are two main types of kettlebells: Training and competition-grade. Training kettlebells are designed for at-home workouts and made from cast iron. Several training kettlebells are coated in neoprene or vinyl to help protect your floor from scuffs. Competition-grade kettlebells are made of steel and preferred by serious weight lifters; for most people working out at home, however, they’re excessive (and also quite expensive). Regardless of the material, you’ll want to go for a kettlebell with seamless construction and a rounded handle that’s easy to grip.

For beginners, one kettlebell is enough to get started. Most kettlebell workouts only call for a single weight. There are a couple of instances where buying a set of kettlebells makes sense. First, you may want kettlebells of multiple sizes on hand as you gradually build your strength and become capable of lifting heavier weights. Also, there are advanced workouts that require multiple kettlebells to be used at once or at alternating weights.

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