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10 incredible fitness gifts for anyone who lives at the gym

We've found the best highly-rated fitness gifts for your favorite gym junkie

guy sitting on bench at gym holding water flask wearing black with white sneakers
Anastase Maragos / Unsplash

’Tis the season of giving, and we’re all searching for the perfect gifts for loved ones. We’ve rounded up the best and latest fitness gifts for anyone who lives at the gym. It’s always a good idea to upgrade your gym experience. Whether you’re a fitness fanatic and gym lover shopping for yourself or for a loved one, this list includes everything, from clothing and gym bags to headphones and supplements. Opening presents brings a flurry of joy, and this list of premium fitness gifts won’t disappoint. 

on cloud x running shoes
On Cloud X Running Shoes / On Running

on running cloud X 3 shoes

The word cloud has meaning when it comes to the athlete-inspired shoes because they’re designed to be more soft and comfortable like you’re running on a cloud. The 3-layer mesh provides breathability and support. These are a top pick for the eco-conscious, as the mesh is made from 90-95% recyclable materials. These versatile sneakers are an excellent choice for any gym activity, including running on the treadmill or weight lifting. The durable Cloud X shoes are long-lasting and worth the investment. Select from a range of cool colors, including army green, black, and white.

nike pegasus 37 men's running shoes black white and red
Nike Pegasus 37 Men's Running Shoes / Nike

Nike Pegasus 37 road running shoes

Nike is a beloved brand that has stood the test of time. The showcase the well-known Nike tick on the side and a splash of color underneath. We love these lightweight, highly-rated shoes because they’re a fair price and suitable for a range of workouts. The Nike React Foam puts a spring in your step, and Nike states they’re ‘like a bolt of caffeine for your legs.’ There’s plenty of cushioning, and they’re available in regular and extra-wide sizes, too. 

Mack Weldon Atlas black gym duffle bag with white background
Mack Weldon Atlas Gym Duffle Bag / Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon’s Atlas duffle gym bag

Your gym bag holds your clothes, towel, drink, and more. The  looks simple but stylish in black and certainly gets the job done. This bag is so much more than it seems, with multiple pockets, plenty of space, a ventilated compartment for your shoes, and an insulated compartment for your pre-and post-workout snacks. The padded strap is softer on your shoulder for carrying, and the rubber bottom of the bag makes it sturdy, like the sole of a shoe. The eco-conscious will love that this bag is made from 51 recycled plastic bottles.

Public Rec Pro Plus Backpack
Public Rec Pro Plus Backpack / Public Rec

Public Rec Pro plus backpack

For those traveling a little lighter and those who prefer the feel of a backpack, the fits the bill. The Pro Pack Plus backpack is more comfortable to carry due to the size and padded back and shoulder straps. The poly twill fabric is durable and water-resistant with central airflow ventilation. This backpack rests flat on the bottom, so you don’t have to try to balance it or lean it against something to stop it from falling over. We also love the useful pockets, like the two water bottle slip pockets and the top pocket for your headphones or keys. It also features a zippered compartment to store your shoes. While the price point is higher than other gym backpacks, it’s highly rated, and customers have reported using them for years.

Hydro Flask wide mouth gym bottle blue with white background
Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Drink Bottle / Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask wide-mouth bottle with a flex straw

The stainless steel is dishwasher safe, BPA-free, and comes in various cool colors. It’s insulated and lightweight and comes with a flex straw perfect for sipping at the gym. The moveable handle makes it easy to move around from the rowing machine to the weights. This sophisticated bottle has a fair price point, and the wide mouth means it’s easier to clean and fill with ice for those refreshing cold drinks that will stay cold for at least 24 hours.

Beats studio headphones by Dr. Dre
Dr. Dre Beats Studio Buds + / Dr. Dre Beats

Beats Studio Buds + by Dr. Dre

When you’re looking for wireless, quality, and noise-canceling headphones for jamming at the gym, the has all the features and a unique and retro transparent look. You can also find opaque colors, like ivory and black. These lightweight headphones have a longer battery life of up to 36 hours of listening time, and the carrying case holds extra charges if needed. Manage your music, toggle listening modes, and take calls with customizable on-ear controls. Each bud has a custom two-layer transducer to deliver a cleaner bass and crisp, immersive sound as if you’re surrounded by multiple top-notch speakers. 

Sportneer Adjustable ankle weights on white background
Sportneer Adjustable Ankle Weights / Sportneer

Sportneer wrist and ankle weights

Wrist and ankle weights add resistance to your workout for yoga, running, core training, pilates, and more. Upping the resistance can help improve your strength and balance. We chose the because they’re affordable and come in several colors. Adjustable velcro straps provide a snug, customized fit. Each ankle weight comes with five removable sand pockets. You can adjust the weights to suit you and choose from 5 lbs, 3.5 lbs, or 2 lbs. 

man wearing Rhone Reign tech blue short sleeve workout shirt with white background
Rhone Reign Blue Tech Short Sleeve Shirt / Rhone

Rhone Reign tech short sleeve workout shirt

The  has GOLDFUSION anti-odor technology for those sweatier workouts and comes in various colors, including shades of green, blue, and gray. These breathable shirts are flattering and easy to move around in. The soft nylon, polyester, and elastane materials help move moisture away from your skin. The Rhone Reign shirt is described as moving with you, which makes it an excellent choice for overhead pull-ups and chin-ups.

Shield Fit founder holding shield fit towels sitting in gym
Shield Fit Towels / Shield Fit

Shield Fit antibacterial quick-drying gym towel

Nobody wants a plain, boring, soggy gym towel that takes a long time to dry. Quick-drying towels are ideal for the gym, and this  is both antibacterial and fast-drying. Available in fun colors and patterns, we think the Shield Fit towels stand apart from the rest with patent-pending fabric technology that keeps you dry and wards off bacteria. Plus, Shield Fit is a newer brand created by a gym and fitness enthusiast, Aymen Berrairia.

nucific bio x supplement blue background
Nucific Bio X Supplement / Nucific

Nucific Bio x supplement

It’s difficult to navigate the cluttered world of supplements, but the is an athlete favorite. We love this Nucific supplement because it has a unique formula that promotes weight management and smoother digestion. It contains effective ingredients like EGCG — a natural compound in green tea that’s been proven to boost metabolism. Bio-X4 also contains digestive enzymes and Caralluma Fimbriata — an edible cactus from India that’s been found to diminish unhealthy food cravings. We love the different probiotic strains like Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium that help balance gut bacteria and boost your energy levels and metabolism. 

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