Worn Out Wednesday – Tim Campbell

We appreciate men who dress the part. Take Tim Campbell. He is an interior designer based both in Los Angeles and New York. He is known for his work with modernist houses such as Vidal Sassoon’s Neutra designed Singleton House and his current work on a Rex Lotery house (which has an adult playroom -we love the Mod’s). Keeping this in mind, his style is all Mad Men.

Originally from Ohio, Campbell has been in LA for 27 years and is most influenced by travel, art and fashion resulting in a very eclectic personal taste. “I pick up things from all over the world and incorporate them into everything – ‘All beautiful things work together’ is my mantra,” he explains.  His taste may be eclectic but read on to hear how his personal style is as rigid and wonderful as the perfect martini.

My daily uniform is a suit or some part thereof. When I am in New York I wear a full suit, in Los Angeles I am usually on a job site all day so that doesn’t exactly work. I wear boots in LA since I am constantly climbing all over buildings and yards. I like a little known brand of boots from Paris called Jean Baptiste Rautureau. They are rugged yet still stylish.

In Los Angeles I wear  501’s and a sport coat. I may do APC khakis or dark jeans too because their cuts are really quality. My guilty pleasure is Thom Browne. I am 6 feet tall and lean so his coats fit great right off the rack. Simply put, Browne is handsomely made American sportswear. I wear skinny ties because of my height and I have to confess I buy most of my ties at The Tie Bar, which is terribly cheap but good. I buy ones from Band of Outsiders and Thom too. I also have a collection of tie bars I bought from Rose Bowl flea market. I have about 200 and have never paid more than $15 for one.

I have recently become a fan of patterns and I am getting some made to measure suits from Thom mixing lots of patterns. As for a pocket square I usually keep it to a basic white.

Life is pretty singular so I am always dressed when I fly, usually in a sport coat and cotton pants. I have a pet peeve of people in sweats on a flight. At the gym I box and do jiu-jitsu so I go for Nike sweats and a wife beater and running or boxing shoes from Nike.

Junghans is my go to for watches. I wear the Max Bill style with numbers for day and without numbers at night. Both have a black leather strap to keep it super simple.

As for glasses I like vintage horn frames from Retrospecs and thick frames from Magsunaga. I am turning 50 soon and I see why YSL wore those big glasses, to hide those rings from late night drinking!

Check out Mr. Campbell in action in this promo for Masunaga eyewear.

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