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Wittmore Goes West

If you’re a West Coast fan of Wittmore, the fashion retailer best known for its curated assortment of hard-to-find, lifestyle brands, you’re in luck. Wittmore has officially opened a permanent retail brick-and-mortar space on West 3rd Street in Los Angeles. We say permanent, because the company operated a pop-up from June to August just west of its current location, near iconic neighborhood amenities such as Toast Restaurant and Gogosha Optique. This space, however, features an oversized, abstract Wittmore graphic along one wall, custom-fitted warehouse lights and a cement gray floor for a cool, modernist sensibility—all the better to showcase the goods, as founder Paul Witt would have it, whose assortment for fall includes great items by Ian Velardi, Gant Rugger, Sandqvist Bags, Isaora, Mollusk Surf, Cardigan, Il Bussetto, General Knot & Co., Armor Lux, Oliver Spencer and many others.

Says Witt: “The majority of my customers are still discovering their own style and like to learn about something new when they shop the site or visit with me in the new store. I’ve seen a lot repeat customers, which proves the merchandise mix is relatable and fun.” 8236 W 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048. (323) 782-9791.

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