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Why You Should Nab These Multi-Function Sunglasses in This Post-Prime Day Deal

William Painter

Sunglasses keep the sun out of your eyes, right? Certainly, and if your shades aren’t living up to this basic function, then you should be shopping at a different gas station. But what if a pair of sunglasses would fit comfortably, cut glare, and take the odd knock and scrap, as well as opening a longneck? William Painter’s The Hook Titanium Polarized Sunglasses thread this incredibly complicated needle, and right now, in a late Prime Day deal, you can score them a hundred bucks cheaper than usual. Regardless of prescription, anyone can see that’s a killer price.

Using the original William Painter frames, the company led with The Hook as a means of making a statement, and while it now offers a number of frames, the first is still one of its best-sellers. Start with a robust aerospace-grade titanium metal frame. Just feeling it under your fingers suggests durability the no plastic can match. It’s also sealed with a scratch-resistant coating for long-term wear. While utilizing these materials adds weight, that weight is balanced toward the arms, essentially sitting back on your fans and ensuring their heft won’t drag them toward the tip of your nose. They slide on easily and then stay put.

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Next, turn to the Japanese nylon lenses. Polarization is the only way to go, and while it may make your iPhone screen look a little strange at first glance, the coating is cutting out glare from all angles, allowing you to see past reflections. The finish has been a mainstay among fisherman for years so that they can actually see the fish. While you may not be trying to hook the big one, it works equally as well on your commute, slicing through the sea of car windshields assaulting your eyeballs. It’s woven throughout the lenses so that even if you do scratch the outside, its performance remains.

But, as we mentioned earlier, what many might mistake for an artistic swirl of metal on the sunglasses’ arms is really an unobtrusive bottle opener. Backyard barbecues, pool parties, and other outdoor gatherings will never be without a church key provided you’re present and there’s sun in the sky.

Many people mistakenly believe that each item they wear can only serve a single purpose. Keys open doors, belts hold up pants, and sunglasses shade one’s eyes from the sun. But the reality is that for the well-prepared man, it’s either doing more with less or carrying around a toolbox. Don’t travel with a toolbox. Instead, pick up a pair of William Painter’s popular Hook sunglasses. During most hours, they’ll shade your eyes and take the odd ding and bend with ease. But when the beers come out and everyone starts looking for a hard edge, you’ll gently pull your sunglasses from your face and quickly open your beer. Beer may be for drinking, but with these sunglasses, there’s more to them than meets the eye.

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