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Walmart Now Sells Luxury Used Watches, and We’re Not Mad About It

Well, color us shocked: Walmart is now acting as a marketplace for secondhand luxury watches. Yeah, we couldn’t believe it either. But sure enough, we scanned the page, and the gang’s all there. Rolex. Omega. Breitling. Patek Philippe. And more. Something else we couldn’t believe: The prices aren’t that bad! They’re actually pretty good! So if you’ve been eyeing a vintage watch for a while, scanning eBay or other specialty resellers, may we humbly suggest (and we can’t believe we’re about to write this) that Walmart might be a worthwhile stop along the way.

For full disclosure, Walmart itself is not selling luxury watches directly. Rather, its website acts as a marketplace platform for other retailers, who likely have to donate their pound of flesh for access to its millions of customers. Still, the luxury watches we perused were all guaranteed genuine, which Walmart itself bears some responsibility for, and all came with warranties of a year or more through the principal sellers. Furthermore, all came with incredibly detailed descriptions as to their imperfections, blemishes, features, and accessories, which is only appropriate for something that costs four figures or more.

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And about that: The prices themselves seem, if not cheaper, no more expensive than the market rate. We found Rolexes for less than $3,000 (a rarity after the luxury boom of the last year), and we also were also impressed by such a wide selection (more than 400 Rolexes were listed alone). Again, this is only achieved by the company that can cast a wide net with its hosting services, and what a haul. As a result, Walmart may just be our first stop when it comes to seeing what is available in the secondary market, even if we might find a better deal or more precise option elsewhere.

Of course, all the watches we perused came with free shipping, which, we guess, is to be expected, but it’s nice that the company’s not nickel-and-diming its customers.

We also appreciated the organization. Want a men’s Rolex watch? There’s a page for that. But you can also dice up data by price, color, and more. Hey, we get that you may already know exactly what you want. But sometimes the watch picks you, and Walmart at least provides a means to let it speak.

Some guys may not thrill to the thought of a vintage watch. Instead, they prefer to scrimp and save for something new, and for the man who wants to be the first and last to knick his timepiece, we salute you. But for others who understand that, like cars, luxury watches experience significant depreciation after driving them off the lot despite that there’s plenty of rubber left on the tires, a used watch just makes sense. Walmart may be known for its affordability rather than quality, but when it comes to authentic secondhand luxury watches, it’s laid out a rich spread that any man might enjoy.

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