The Funniest Shorts on Earth – Chubbies

We here at The Manual are always happy to come across a brand that is just balls to the walls out of the ballpark funny. When we came across Chubbies, we fell into a clicking K-Hole reading every page of the site, even their sizing charts. Clearly it’s cocktail o’clock all the time at their HQ.

Some of our favorite quotes from the site include

-Quadruple Dope Return Process

-Your thighs will thank you

-Take me to Liketown, USA

-The world’s first fully-functioning, NASA-approved boobie magnet

And these words we will be using all summer: Kerplunk, Partypalooza, Mama Jamma, Boomshakalaka

To start, Chubbies is a brand of shorts made right in the Bay Area. They don’t make pants and they shutter at the word Cargo as you can see in their Cargo Embargo video . Don’t let the elastic waist band fool ya. These puppies appear tailored when you add a belt (yes, there are belt loops) and the plethora of fabrics and colors will just make you happy when you put them on.

Why the name Chubbies? The four founders wanted something tongue-in-cheek (oh, really?) that would reflect the irreverent nature of the brand. The elastic waistband also lends to the name. Have too many keg stands and Funyuns? These are the shorts for you, mister.

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