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TGIF Shopping: Marc Nelson Denim Is Your New Must-Have Jean

Marc Nelson Denim is a small-batch craft denim brand that seeks to give its customers not just a pair of jeans, but an experience.

They size, mark, cut, and sew each pair of denim to achieve the ideal fit for their handmade craft, each batch of which is limited edition and uniquely its own.

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They create 214 of each specific style to ensure exclusivity. Why 214? “My daughter was born on February 14th,” says Marc Hall, founder of Marc Nelson Denim.

Hall grew up near the old Levi’s factory on Cheery Street in Knoxville, Tennessee, where his family worked, thus giving him his initial entry point and interest into the world denim.

With a desire to restore jobs lost in the off-shoring of the American Denim industry, Hall and his team had a vision for instilling the same sense of pride Knoxville once felt.

“Denim is not only this country’s pant of choice, it is and is within the very fabric of America. For us, being authentic American makers celebrates the eclectic heritage of denim and the craftsmen who came before us.”

So what sets their product apart from the myriad of other denim collections on the market? “That would be the whiskey stained product. We take natural selvage denim from cone mills and soak 60 pair in a whiskey barrel for 30 days. We treat the denim with our secret recipe and it comes out an amazing dirty grunge.”

Marc Nelson Denim recently teamed up with the Susan G. Komen’s Tennessee affiliates to launch Project Pink, a line of t-shirts to help raise awareness within the African American community about the fight against breast cancer.

In addition to denim, MND offers bags, boots, totes, belts, boxers, flasks, razors, and more.

Check out the full selection of offerings by visiting.

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