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Suitsupply x Baldwin Denim

suitsupply x baldwin denim jeans
Suitsupply is a brand that ties quality and affordability together with suits made from Italian fabrics. Baldwin Denim is a Kansas City-based lifestyle brand that makes high quality, tailored denim – so what happens when the two merge? Something fantastic.

Suitsupply x Baldwin Denim is a collaboration that celebrates the importance of casual sophistication. The collection was designed specifically to be worn with a tailored look.

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So what makes this denim so special? It’s a 13oz redline selvage fabric from Cone Mills’ White Oak factory in North Carolina. Also, this denim is also raw. We’ve discussed raw denim before – raw denim is an individual experience. Each pair develops a unique wash depending how the person wears them.

What about the fit you may ask? Well, Suitsupply and Baldwin created a “new” fit – a mid-rise (10″) slim cut for a dressed up look – this means you can tuck in your dress shirt. The leg is slim with a 14″ opening – which means you can wear a dress shoe.

Perfect for wearing with a blazer, or dare we say it – a suit.

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