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Stitch Fix vs. Trunk Club: Which One is Right For You?

It’s never been easier to dial your personal style down to your exact preferences, which might have gotten you looking into

Stitch Fix


Trunk Club

— the two are among the most popular, innovative personal styling services on the market today, after all. And yet, there are nuances between the two companies, which makes it all the more important to really do your research before you take the plunge and commit to one (or even try one out to begin with). Either way, both can likely help you on the path toward style greatness on the daily, no matter where you live, the styles you like, or what you envision your ideal wardrobe to be.

Both came to prominence right around the same time: Trunk Club debuted in 2009, Stitch Fix debuted in 2011 — but each has taken a different path to get you the clothes you want. Right off the bat, you’ll notice that Trunk Club is now part of Nordstrom, making it even more convenient to stock up on ultra-personalized style picks as well as other staples from the long-running department store. This is a key part of the Trunk Club process: They have access to brands sold at Nordstrom, including plenty of popular companies you likely recognize.

A variety of men's fashion essentials on the floor.
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Stitch Fix also offers a deep rotation of clothing brands, ranging from Nike to Vans and much more — both are a great way to keep up to date on the latest menswear and style trends from major retailers. Let’s dig a little deeper into what makes each of these styling services worthwhile.

How Personalized Styling Works at Stitch Fix and Trunk Club

Notably, both Stitch Fix and Trunk Club start the process of delivering personalized style to your doorstep with a style quiz. Stylists select pieces to fit your preferences, and both require no subscription to get started.

Now, here’s where things start to deviate slightly. With both services, you can schedule delivery options to receive your respective clothing purchases, however, you’ll pay a $25 styling fee at Trunk Club with every Trunk Club Box you receive — at Stitch Fix, this fee is $20 and is charged about two weeks before your Stitch Fix Box ships out.

A suit, jeans, belt, and dress shoes in a Trunk Club box on wooden floor.
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At Trunk Club, this styling fee goes toward your purchase, as it does at Stitch Fix. And when shopping at both Stitch Fix and Trunk Club, you only pay for what you keep. Likewise, both are technically not clothing subscription services — although you can schedule regular Stitch Fix deliveries automatically if you so choose, and it’s the same with Trunk Club.

Here’s the catch, though: If you want to track down, say, some of the best Stitch Fix outfits or individual items outside of your regular box delivery, you’ll need to use the Stitch Fix Freestyle Service. This makes it easy to shop for individual items curated by a team of professionals — the service puts together entire outfits outside of your regular Box delivery. In short, you can buy just one item curated for you, or multiple.

With Trunk Club, you’ve got the option to order a Trunk Club Box whenever you might like. And yet, to buy individual items, you very well might be better off shopping Nordstrom all on its own.

In short: If you want the flexibility to shop a range of individual items and curated outfits — aside from getting regular clothing box shipments — we suggest Stitch Fix. The choice is ultimately yours though, as in all matters of style.

How Much Does Stitch Fix Cost vs. Trunk Club?

If you’re wondering how much Stitch Fix costs, the short answer is that it varies month to month (based on the items that you keep) — some items are pricier than others, especially from luxury-leaning companies or larger brands, so the price of a full outfit can really add up. Trunk Club works with some of Nordstrom’s top brands, a similar mix of both accessible and premium retailers, but costs also vary here.

Trunk Club items are priced between $50 to $300 usually, while individual Stitch Fix items, especially big-ticket purchases like blazers, fall within a similar price range but occasionally surpass those figures.

Five jackets on gray background.
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Pricing is another key difference between Stitch Fix vs. Trunk Club — if you want to err on the side of caution while getting a selection of relatively affordable items every month, consider Trunk Club. If you’ve got more leeway in your budget and are prepared to spend a different amount each month — sometimes on the higher end — then Stitch Fix is the way to go.

Stitch Fix vs. Trunk Club: How to Find the Best Personalized Style

Both Stitch Fix and Trunk Club are worthy of consideration when it comes down to selecting customized style picks with your own preferences in mind. Stitch Fix tends to run on the pricier side in terms of brands and items included in each shipment, with costs varying based on the styles you select. Trunk Club’s pricing tends to be more agreeable, with both services offering a credit via the styling fee paid per box.

The style quiz offered by both Stitch Fix and Trunk Club narrows down the right selections based on your lifestyle and how you wear your clothes, a helpful touch if you want to dip your toes into the world of personalized style. Stitch Fix offers more flexibility outside monthly boxes with select purchases available through its Freestyle program, however.

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We’d urge you to consider cost, ease of use, and how often you want a wardrobe upgrade delivered to your door. For our money’s worth, Stitch Fix offers the total package in terms of premium products, the ability to buy one-off items, and the chance to customize your delivery schedule. As we said, though, the choice is up to you. Happy shopping out there.

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