Stay Loud: Skullcandy

Whether you’re hitting the gym, crossing the Atlantic, or getting out on the trail, you’ve probably got a few gigabytes worth of music on your smartphone to keep you company. Why rely on those stock Apple headphones that always leave your ears aching after an hour wearing them? On the other hand, good pair of headphones or portable speakers doesn’t have to eat half your paycheck. We were lucky enough to take a spring roadtrip to Jackson Hole with our friends from Skullcandy earlier this year, and in between some serious steep skiing and apres-ski beers we got hands on time with their latest new products.

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Air Raid
If you’re looking for big sound and deep base while sitting around a campfire, the all new Air Raid is your ticket to a starlight dance party. Featuring bluetooth connectivity and a water and impact resistant body, these speakers are perfect for weekend adventures. They’ll run for fourteen hours on a single charge, so you don’t need to worry about running out of juice halfway through your roadtrip playlist. If you’re looking for a little smaller footprint, the Ambush packs the same sound quality into a palm-sized package.

The Crusher is Skullcandy’s flagship over-the-ear headphone. It’s got dual drivers – both Skullcandy’s Rex 40 and Sensation 55 – that provide skull vibrating sound. A fine tuner let’s you turn up the base to levels you’d normally only get in a Vegas club, and doesn’t distort the sound (unless you count the skull vibrations). Comfort ear pads and headband will have you reaching for the Crusher on long airplane rides and your morning commute. Don’t be surprised when you get more than a few envious stares as the baby a few rows ahead starts to cry six hours in to an eleven hour flight.

Smokin Buds 2
For gym days, the Smokin Buds 2 are exactly what you need for those long hours of deadlifts and hitting the rowing machine. We loved the Off-Axis design. It angles the ear bud so that it fits into your ear canal without any discomfort, and boosts acoustic properties. One button control means you can answer your phone while on the exercise bike and explain to your boss why your pre-work gym time is eating into your morning conference call. Sweat resistant pads and body keep these buds coming back for daily punishment despite all the crossfit workouts and long mileage runs you’ll throw at them.