Put Your Thick Ties on a Diet with SKINNYFATTIES

skinnyfatties collage

Your neckties are looking a little thick around the middle these days – maybe it’s time to put them on a diet? SKINNYFATTIES can help you with that. Created partly out of necessity, partly for aesthetics, designer Joshua Adam Brueckner kind of founded his company by accident during a time of unemployment.

“I lost my full-time job and didn’t have the money to buy job interview clothes,” Joshua said. “Instead, I learned how to tailor huge second-hand button-up shirts to fit me.”

But he didn’t stop there. After coming across a box of old, fat ties, Joshua immediately knew there was a way to make them slim and stylish. Following positive feedback and rave reviews from friends, Joshua decided to make SKINNYFATTIES his full-time gig when he began taking orders in July 2012. How does it work? You choose the width, send your fat ties to SKINNYFATTIES (or if you live in NYC, drop them off at ALTER Men in Greenpoint), they reshape them into skinny ones, press the finished product and ship them back to you, free of charge and wrinkles, in 10 business days. Everything is hand-stitched in Brooklyn.

thin ties

And you can feel good about your alterations in more than just a style sense. Not one to forget why he started SKINNYFATTIES in the first place, Joshua makes giving back a top priority. “For each tie purchased and every tie tailored, a $1 donation is made to Career Gear, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that helps men transition into the workforce,” Joshua said. “Full circle.”

To learn more about the tie transformation process and to shop the vintage tie collection, visit skinnyfatties.com.