How To: Shop for Trousers

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Pants, trousers, slacks. Whatever you call them, there is a lot more that goes into finding a great fitting pair than you may think. Most guys just worry about the hem of the pant but the knee, butt and crotch (speaking frankly) all need to be assessed when standing in the mirror. If the pants fit fairly well, we always advise taking them to a tailor to get them just right.

To get the skinny (ha!) on pants, we spoke to Alex Wilcox, owner of the well respected New York based men’s haberdashery, Lord Willy’s. Here is what he had to say:


  • First thing you should look for is the rise.
  • A good pair of trousers will sit very nicely just beneath your ‘family jewels’.
  • They won’t be tight but will sit elegantly on your backside.
  • From there on down is a personal preference.
  • You can have a slim leg fit but that may not be good for men with bigger legs and thighs.
  • Allow a reasonable amount for the knee area. It’s never attractive when you can’t sit.


  • The length is always controversial but the safest bet is to leave a little bit of a break.
  • It’s nice to wear them sitting just above the shoe so that you can really show off your good-looking footwear.
  • It is all about personal preference. If you are really tall, short pants just don’t work. But if you are 5’ 6” and have a playful take on fashion, go for the shorter pant.
  • The biggest rule is: Own The Look! If you aren’t comfortable and the fashion is wearing you, that is never a good thing.

Photo credit: Haspel