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Shop Class – Barton Perreira

One of the foremost luxury eyewear brands, Barton Perreira was founded by CEO Bill Barton, designer Patty Perreira and Tim Cadiente eight years ago. Designed in Los Angeles and handmade in Japan, Barton Perreira frames are produced in limited qualities, which accounts for their price tags (men’s sunglass models run in the $400 to $525 range). Earlier this year, the brand opened its third standalone shop, in Kansas City, Mo., which joins its sibling stores in Aspen and Nashville. The brand is also stocked by better retailers and opticians across the globe. Bill Barton recently discussed the new shop and the brand’s “vision” for the year ahead.

You just recently opened your brand’s third standalone store, in Kansas City. Why in KC?

I opened the store because I’m from KC and it was a great opportunity. I have a close relationship with our partner in the store, Mike Neiwald. He’s a great optician and has amazing clients in the area.

What is the fashion scene like in Kansas City?

I think KC is a really cool city, and they are having a resurgence in many ways. I’m glad to part of that experience.

What are your bestselling models at the moment and what fresh products can customers expect from Barton Perreira in the coming months and/or over the holiday season?

We currently have over 100 styles that sell well. It’s hard to pick one style since the collection is so diverse and feeding so many needs – fashion, optical, men’s, women’s, sun, etc….

How would you describe your customer?

Someone who appreciates great design, quality and fit.

Why did you feel the need to open your own stores instead of just selling to other wholesale outlets?

No one can present our brand better than Barton Perreira shops. It’s an amazing way to experience our brand. Plus, our commitment to service and optical quality is hard to beat. All our stores have amazing opticians dedicated to servicing eye health and needs.

What sets your stores apart?

We partner with what we feel are the best optician/operators in the business. Plus, every frame other than Barton Perreira is handpicked from the best collections around the world. Combine that with our 30+ years of luxury eyewear retail experience, and I think it’s the best experience and results you will find.

What are the top sunglasses trends for guys currently… and coming up in spring?

Some amazing combinations of metal and plastic that is really fresh – new technologies and manufacturing that have never been done before.

Your three stores are not in big fashion cities such as NYC or LA. Why?

The opportunities in these three cities were so good we felt we had to do them. That doesn’t mean we don’t have interest in doing stores in NY or LA!

Your product is not inexpensive. Why should a guy invest in a pair of your glasses versus another less pricey brand?

I feel the “value” of our product is quite more than those cheaper brands. Our product is not disposable! We take six to seven weeks to produce one style. If you want fit, comfort, leading style and a product that will last and endure – we are your brand. Barton Perreira is something you will hold onto.

What is the brand’s New Year’s resolution?

To keeping making the best eyewear on the planet!

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