Schnayderman’s: Seriously Smart Shirts

We love the way Schnayderman’s envisage the shirt. In the eyes of the design team, the right shirt cannot only alter our attitude and ability, but can also change the world. After sounding them out, we couldn’t agree more.

Established by a small circle of shirt lovers from Stockholm, Paris and New York in 2012, Schnayderman’s – English translation ‘tailor-man’ – set out from the start to reestablish the importance of handcrafted, beautifully designed shirts within our current fast fashion context. Since then, a selection of leisure shirts, formal shirts and Oxford shirts have formed the basis of each collection. The three contemporary cuts are constructed from traditionally fine fabrics, the mother of pearl buttons on each shirt feel completely timeless, and a classical colour palette that actually feels very ‘now’. Knowing how time poor we are today, the brand have mindfully kept each of the three cuts the same within each line, so once you find a fit that works, you can add new styles and colours to your wardrobe with the greatest ease. The way we would imagine James Bond would, or a morning after the night before Donald Draper.

The brand’s understanding of the design that guys want today is abundantly clear from the AW13 collection. The Oxford Shirt, which the brand believes to be the cornerstone of the modern wardrobe, is offered in a whopping 17 variations for the season. The purity of the cut and expertly chosen ‘new neutral’ colourways define the all-purpose way we want to dress right now. It’s not about changing to go from work to the bar. It’s about one sufficiently sharp shirt that will take you from one to the other and beyond.

The Schnayderman’s AW13 collection is available now at Opening Ceremony and Steven Alan.