Related Garments Makes Getting Dressed a Breeze

Related Garments brings a whole new answer to the question, “Does the carpet match the drapes?” The answer is yes, yes it does, and Related Garments is behind it. Created by two veterans of the industry, brothers Mike and Dave Appel (of NBC’s Fashion Star), the line was designed to revolutionize the way men get dressed in the morning.

Gone are the days of lazily reaching into your top drawer to grab the first clean thing you find. Related Garments is a simple and stylish solution to a problem most guys don’t want to spend time mulling over. Think about it: socks and underwear are the most important articles of clothing you’ll put on all day. Related builds confidence from the inside out. When you know you look good stripped down to your basics, you’re going to feel good in what you’re wearing no matter what. Even if no one sees it, and especially someone does, Related is here to make you look your very best.

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We ladies know what it’s like to coordinate our lingerie, and when we’re running out the door in the morning, it’s the last thing on our minds. So for a man to take the time to match his socks to his underwear? Trust us, we’ll be impressed. Soft, comfortable and with a style for everyone, Related Garments makes the feat effortless.

You can purchase Related Garments from their newly launched web store at Dress to impress and do it with ease – trust us, someone will notice.