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G’Night: Slick Men’s Pajamas from Down Under

What do you typically wear to bed? Boxers? An old beat-up shirt? Absolutely nothing? That’s fine, of course — but you might take a moment to reconsider men’s pajamas.

No, we’re not talking about striped Bert and Ernie pajamas that come complete with a sleeping cap, but sharp, modern pajamas that any self-respecting man would feel comfortable in.

Like most men, you probably haven’t worn pajamas since you were knee-high to a dingo. Well, two Australian clothing companies — Elk and ALAS — are reinventing pajamas for grown-ass men.

Sleeping is a somewhat dirty business that involves a fair amount of sweat and shedding of skin cells. If you’re the kind of fella who goes weeks or even months without cleaning the sheets, some smart pajamas will help improve your hygiene. They can also help keep your mattress clean, delaying the significant cost of replacement.

Sleepwear is more than something you wear while you’re sleeping — it’s nice to wear something halfway decent while you’re entertaining an overnight guest in the morning *wink*. It’s also convenient to open the door, get the mail, or take out the trash without having to throw on a pair of jeans. If you work from home, a good pair of pajamas could be your business attire.

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ALAS is a sleepwear company based in Sydney. “ALAS” stands for “all light, all shadow,” a nod to the eternal waltz of day and night. So that’s cool. For the cold months, you might try their navy fleece pants. For the warmer months, the sateen shorts and pants are probably your best bet.  So far they’ve only made women’s sleepwear, but they’re about to release a line of good-lookin’ sleepwear for men. So get excited, and stay tuned.

Elk is based in Melbourne, about 550 miles southwest of Sydney. They’re proudly affiliated with a number of do-good organizations around the world, including UNICEF and Go Green. Their Sömn collection for men consists of two types of PJs: The Enkel Pajama Set and the Trött Pyjama Set. The Enkel Pajama set comes with stone-washed linen shorts and a cotton drop-shoulder tee shirt, while the Trött Pyjama Set comes with a tee shirt and comfy linen pants.

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