Reiss has us Artfully Covered for Summer

Even though summer is upon us, we are a globe trotting crew, and just because it is sultry in Santa Fe, we may be off to cool and crisp London the following week; hence our wardrobe must reflect this ever-changing lifestyle. But please don’t call us jet set (Kanye has left the building). 

This summer we are looking across the pond to one of our favorite UK brands, Reiss. Founded in 1971, the brand is well known for design driven, original quality pieces for guys and gals. Today they are a global business and we are lucky enough to have them stateside. 

Since we are indeed big on the travel front, Reiss has got us covered no matter where we end up, from lazy cotton blazers to modern light weight leather jackets. And we all need a black jean when on the go (hello Jeep dust and boat grime!) as well as one great slim silhouette suit for all those weddings we get dragged to. 

As much as we love the Americana inspirations, it is sweet to see Reiss is going on an art angle, influenced by the likes of Henri Matisse, Paul Cézanne and our favorite baller, Pablo Picasso. The film, ‘A Good Year’ by Ridley Scott can also be seen influencing  those crisp white shirts that are so typical of Frenchmen in Provence. And those Cuban collared shirts? The perfect cut to give our neck some much needed breathing room from all those Oxfords we have been wearing. 

Reiss is right on target for summer shoes too. Try their navy suede lace-up for cafe chilling or being on the go during the work week. Their leather driving shoes are the key to a relaxed weekend look while strolling galleries with your gal or hitting a bar for a Campari with your boys (hey, we are going Euro remember?). Don’t worry, we’ve got some good ole Jack Purcell’s for your weekends in the park or at the ball game. 

Go on and check out and don’t forget Orson Welles’ words to the wise, “Create your own visual style. Let it be unique for yourself and identifiable to others.”In short, don’t be a drone, dude

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