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Cop These Super Cheap Ray-Ban Aviators Before They’re Gone

A pair of classic Ray-Ban aviators on a white background.

Ray-Bans do not go on sale, period. And they don’t have to, since every celebrity ever has been photographed wearing them. So when we saw the Rb3543 Chromance Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses for $40 cheaper than they should be, we did a full-on spit take. Just in time for summer, one of the company’s iconic styles is now cheaper than ever, and you should mash your keyboard’s buttons until you receive the confirmation email saying they’ve shipped to your front door. Don’t wait.

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You know the Aviator silhouette. Born in the 1930s for U.S. Air Force pilots and their need for sun-protection while exposed to the rarified air of high altitude, the company was literally founded on the style. They’ve been a mainstay ever since. True, Ray-Ban’s other frames have become icons in their own right, from the Wayfarer in Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer” to the Clubmaster and many others. But nothing beats the original, which is why everyone from Tom Cruise circa “Top Gun” to Joe Biden circa Euro Trip 2021 can be seen sporting them. You’d be a fool to not add your name alongside that storied list.

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Peep that little “P” by the Ray-Ban etching on the glasses’ left lens. It stands for polarized, which is a step-up feature from the company’s regular lineup. Polarized glasses may do crazy things to your iPhone screen, but they are the only way to cut through the glare during this year’s hottest months. Spending a day at the beach? The pool? You could be next to a stagnant swamp, and their composition would reduce eye strain as well as improve contrast so you can pick out every snake out to get you. Once you’ve had a pair of polarized glasses, plain lenses will never satisfy.

These Aviators also feature the classic mirror finish. Whether or not you’re a state trooper is moot, and your feelings toward that forest fire bear are irrelevant. The mirror finish accompanies the Aviator style like vanilla ice cream melts atop hot apple pie. These lenses are a must-have for keeping your thoughts (and attentions) to yourself, and they’re the perfect companion for the discreet man.

Like all Ray-Bans, these Aviators are crafted in Italy, and they carry the company’s well-established reputation for quality. But you don’t need us to tell you that. If you’ve ever worn a pair, you know, and if that cheap pair of gas-station sunnies are on their last legs, it’s time to step up to the big leagues this summer. Many companies try to pass their second-rate shades off as the originals, mimicking geometry and maybe coming up with a new name for “polarized.” But ain’t nothing like the real thing, and with this Amazon deal, you can find out for yourself.

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