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Ray-Ban’s Unsung Hero, the Clubmaster, Is Selling Cheap and Fast on Amazon


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Long overshadows by its more popular styles, the Wayfarer and the Aviator, the Ray-Ban Clubmaster has steadily climbed in desirability among menswear aficionados over the past decade. And it’s easy to see why: One only has to look as far as Malcolm X, Buddy Holly, and Sean Lennon, among many, many others, to see the frame’s place within the sunglasses pantheon. So with the Amazon Prime Day deal on the classic style, whether you’re supplementing your sunglasses collection or purchasing your first pair, you can acquire these heritage frames cheaper than ever before.

While the Clubmaster has practically become synonymous with the style (credit a few well-spent marketing dollars to achieve Hollywood movie placement, but more on that later), the style is actually called a browline, referencing its thicker upper half that sits right at the eyebrows. The frames were a staple in the Back to the Future 1940s and ’50s of your grandparents’ era. Shuron, a company that still makes frames today, was the first to pioneer the style, but Ray-Ban and others quickly followed suit. What other companies started, Ray-Ban finished, and its Clubmaster has gobbled up the market, becoming synonymous with the shape and making it a classic within the most stringent definition of the term. By all means, be satisfied with your purchase here.

The reason for the Clubmaster’s success, of course, is Ray-Ban’s well-founded reputation for quality. With Italian-made frames and lenses, it has essentially set the standard for eyewear, becoming a benchmark by which all brands, whether luxury or economy, are measured. These feature its high-quality nylon and metal frames, with polarized G-15 lenses and the company’s trademark black leather case. It is a true American icon.

But even a classic has its low points, and while the style flourished in the ’50s and ’60s, it was viewed as too formal by many in later decades, and admittedly it carries a bit of that reputation today. While this alone, for some, makes it a great pairing with a summer suit or a Euro vacation, at the time it meant a crash in consumer demand. It wasn’t until that previously-mentioned marketing deal when it began appearing in films and experienced its own renaissance.

Today, the Clubmaster is back, and it’s back big. Certainly, due to its half-nylon, half-metal frame design, it’s more upscale than everyday Wayfarers, and it doesn’t carry the ruggedness of an Aviator. But what might be one man’s trash is another’s treasure. If your style is elevated, if summertime blazers are common fodder, or if you’re just looking for an accessory to take the slump out of your step, then this perennial Ray-Ban classic is what you’ve been waiting for. Thanks to Amazon Prime Day, you can score a pair cheaper than usual, and with its legendary polarized lenses. So don’t wait; when it comes to limited supply, these will go fast.

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